Mom diagnosed, doesn't want treatment

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Mom diagnosed, doesn't want treatment

by mariaf on Mon Nov 09, 2015 02:26 AM

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My mom broke her arm 2 weeks ago and while getting a chest xray to see if she broke any ribs, they found a mass on her lung.  they did a CT scan and found activity in her lymph nodes.  She had a scope and biopsy done of the lymph nodes and it tested positive for small cell carcinoma.

My mom is 80.  She doesn't want to do chemo or radiation because she doesn't want to experience the sickness.  She volunteers with her therapy dog in outpatient chemo and she sees what it does to people half her age and she just doesn't want to go through it.  My father died 4 years ago and she misses him.  She has other medical issues including needing o2 24/7 because of a heart condition and has pain due to other health issues.  She is in pain everyday due to these other health issues and she doesn't want to add to it.

So we are moving forward, trying to take it day by day, but we don't know what to expect.  One doctor told her could be 3 months and one said about a year.  She doesn't have any symptoms right now, all she has is her arm.  What are we looking at?  What do I need to look for?  We are trying to get an appointment with the lung doctor to ask these questions, but they haven't called me back yet.  Any insight you have would be much appreciated.

Sad Sally

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