Seritoli leydig cell tumor

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RE: Seritoli leydig cell tumor

by sybil22 on Thu Jun 06, 2019 01:07 PM

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Am still waiting for CT scan results..and am getting more symptoms as well..bloated tummy,constipation ( never had that before! plus blood in poo) every part of me seems to hurt,immense bone pain plus weakened muscles too..

hair loss seems to continue although facial hair gain has slowed down a bit. I get petechiae under the skin plus bruising around my inner knees..

all in all its not been great fun!  have continued doing as much research into SLCT as possible as it seems Drs just dismiss this as "rare" and make no effort to learn..

Read a paper that suggested some women can have another SLCT at the same time (or very near to it) as the first one and wondered if this is mistaken for recurrance? 

Will update again when and if I finally get results through..seems like a long wait tbh..and not helped by the fact this is from the hospital that discharged me first time round even though they had found a tumour via ultrasound..had to fight hard to see another dr..with the subsequent dx of SLCT..

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