Can GBM Cause Menapause in Men ;-)

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Can GBM Cause Menapause in Men ;-)

by SusanMarie1956 on Fri Jun 17, 2016 02:31 PM

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   It's ALMOST a year since he (my husband of 38 yrs.) had his tumor removed!  He's feeling good & doing things he likes.

   Now on the downside for me... He has more mood swings than a woman in menapause !!! And I don't think he even realizes it. He use to have one mood. It's called HAPPY !

   It's almost a pleasure to go to my part time job at a Deli. To simply get away & not have to watch him NOT do what I KNOW he wants to do. And that is to Go To work & feel productive. After his tumor was removed, he had to retire. He's a truck driver. Has been for over 28 yrs.. He's an active man... Always was... Now we ( my family) needs to plan things for him to do in order for him to feel productive.) Luckily my parents have a farm, so there is usually something to do.

   I just re read what I wrote... I sound like a real complainer when he is the one who is sick.  But I just need to get this out of my system so I can go one with my daily things.



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