GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

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GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

by chalmj on Thu Jun 23, 2016 02:01 AM

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Has anyone tried Bravo Yogurt as an alternative treatment for cancer? This yogurt is supposed to have 42 probiotic strains as opposed to about 4 to 6 strains in normal yogurt.

The yogurt is supposed to diversfy your gut flora (uses swiss colustrum strains) which helps to to boost your immune system so powerfully it will be able to recognize the cancer cells and attack them.

Sounds unreal but if you take the time to check out You Tube - "GcMAF" or Dr. Marco Ruggerio or Dr. Jeff Bradstreet it is quite interesting. It is a little confusing as there is also an injectable form of GcMAF.  

The gut/brain connection, the gut as your second brain, Immune system boosting through probiotics.  It all sounds reasonable.

I started with the Bravo about a week ago. I have had some reactions (headaches, stiff neck, irritation in tumor areas) that actually make me think it might be doing something. Still way to early to tell. 


RE: GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

by gmsniperx on Sun Sep 18, 2016 07:43 PM

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Hi John,

I went through your journey of fighting cancer and it was pretty helpful read for me.

My mother's Oesophageal cancer (Squamous cell) was first diagnosed in Sep 2015. She had 6 rounds of chemo and then 4 weeks of radiation. Her recent CT-Scan shows no sign of tumor in the Oesophagus but a lump recently started to appear in left side of neck. We went for needle biopsy and the reports said squamous cell cancer. So her cancer has metasised to lymph node in the neck. 

Now, i am looking to keep her on alternative treatments as much as i can. I have researched a bit on GcMAF and it looks promising. Instead of Bravo Yogurt, i am  trying to find it in the form that can be IV administered. 

I am also ordering Lypospheric Vit C and Glutathione. Just read somewhere about B17 and Vit D3 so i am finding good sources for those supplements too. Other than that i am thinking to increase juicing and cut-down on sugar in any form. Any other thing you would advise?

On a side note: On another message board, i read you are taking LDN too and while research about GcMAF, it came across that LDN reduces the efficacy of GcMAF so you should probably look into it too. 

Reference: https://immunocentre.eu/treatments/avoid-while-on-gcmaf/

RE: GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

by chalmj on Mon Sep 19, 2016 05:23 AM

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Yes - I did read about LDN when reading about Marco Ruggerio's "Swiss Protocol" so I stopped taking it. If you haven't seen his you tube videos you should check them out.

I recommend the Bravo Yogurt. I am at a high confidence level it is working. I can feel my tumor now, some pain and irritation and it correlates to when I take the yogurt.

Sometimes I'll increase the dosage, do about 40 ml both rectal and oral at bedtime and it seems to correlate with the tumor complaining even more at the higher dose.

I consider the yogurt my second key approach. My primary approach now is to implement a ketogenic diet. I use the built in carbohydrate, fat and protein macronutrient targets established at cronomter.com by Dr. Mercola. It's a powerful free tool to scientifically limit carbohydrate intake and protein intake.

I recommend you check out the 2016 Metabolic conference videos on you tube - in particular Dr. D'agostino, Dr. Seyfried, Travis Christoferson, others.

What now seems clear is that the best way to attack the cancer is through diet. In particular a low carb, moderate protein, high fat ketogenic diet. 

I am only  a few weeks into it but already I am seeing results the tumor is regressing more rapidly.

I have been measuring blood glucose and blood keytones. I have been able to lower my fasting glucose down to about 80 mg/dl but I hope to get to 60, even 40 mg/dl which should really put stress on the cancer cells and hopefully works synergestically with the Bravo.

But you have to use the cronometer to plan what to eat ahead of time to assure compliance to the strick targets.


RE: GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

by gmsniperx on Mon Sep 19, 2016 06:30 AM

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Thank you for more information.

I will look into cronometer and other resources you have suggested.

What do you think about the GcMAF injections?

I have found the following websites from where i can get them but they are too expensive.



Since i am new into the research, i want to bounce my ideas with someone who has already done enough research. So your thoughts on this will definitely help.

RE: GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

by chalmj on Mon Sep 19, 2016 03:58 PM

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I think I would do the injections if they were locally available and were not outragously priced. As you say, it is too expensive to go to their clinic in Europe and I would not want to try doing these injections on my own.

But if I had the money - My first treatment choice would be the clinic and the "Swiss Protocol" advocated by Dr. Marco Ruggerio. 

I didn't see pricing on the link you provided. The yogurt costs about $150.00 from MarsVenus for a 1 month supply which I stretch to 1.5 months by making a second batch from the first batch. 

It is unaceptable that we can't get these treatments in this country, that our treatment options are so limited by the rich people who control the FDA in our "pay for play" government.

Currently, I am really excited about what I am doing. After 4 years I am finally seeing results. I can see my tumor in the oral cavity. With visual inspection, which I have found to be a poor monitoring system, I now feel about 80% confident the tumor is regressing on the yogurt, ketogenic diet. My personal feeling, I would give it a high possibility the yogurt would work on its own. But logically, you don't want to feed the cancer, so best to keep carbs as low as possible.  

The liposoamal vit C works too but you need to drink about 50 to 60g a day - gives you gas, bloating stomach upset. I did it for at least 8 months every day. It was similar to what I am experiencing now, the tumor throbs and complains.

My experience is that when the cancer is spreading you don't feel a thing. No pain. Only when you are effectively attacking the tumor do you feel pain. I felt pain with the Vitamin C, and now much more pain with the yogurt. I'm saying - I really think the yogurt is working. 

If you want to talk offline let me know - phone, email whatever. 


RE: GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

by mumplus1 on Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:30 AM

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I have been using Bravo for a few years but have now switched to another brand of gcmaf yogurt from www.gcmafproducts.com works just the same just at a cheaper price plus I get a bottle of trace minerals.

RE: GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

by chalmj on Thu Nov 03, 2016 07:05 PM

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Interesting. Why do you take the yogurt? Do you have cancer? What type? Can you relate how you determine if either the Bravo yogurt or gcmafproducts.com yogurt is working?

I am currently about 90% confident the Bravo yougurt is shrinking my HNSCC tumor. I use visual inpection to monitor my tumor as it is visible in my oral cavity. 

Bravo claims to have 42 strains and lists many of them. I don't see any strain information on the gcmafproducts site. 

There isn't too much difference in price. The $150 for Bravo is a 4 pack so each would be $50 where the gcmagproducts site says $32.

If it worked I it would be a cheaper option but I am so excited how Bravo is actually working, stimulating my immune system to actually see and attack HNSCC.


RE: GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

by deca1 on Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:03 AM

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Hi chalmj I am wondering how you are going on bravo?

Did you end up trying the other brand?

A year ago I started using Barvo and went up to 1 cup daily, and felt better, a little more engery,less discomfort. At the advice of a friend I changed to the other brand of gcmaf yogurt by gcmafproducts.com and have not looked back, my energy level went through the roof and are feeling better every day.

I personally feel both yogurt products are good but the gcmaf yogurt from gcmafproucts is better. Could be worth a try to see the difference for yourself.

RE: GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

by chalmj on Wed Aug 30, 2017 03:01 PM

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No I never did go to the other yogurt source you mention, gcmafproducts.com . I checked it out but shipping was excessive at that time. I see now they provide free shipping in the US if the order is over $200. I may consider it when it is time to reorder. It is a problem there is no way to test if the yogurt, either brand, each batch made, will be effective or not.

Recently, there is a new non dairy version available from the site I normally purcahse from which I purchased to give it a try. 

I'm not sure if your comments about energy/ discomfort is relative to shrinking a tumor. Do you know yourself or have heard this brand is more effective in that respect?

I continue with my two key protocols, the ketogenic diet and the yogurt and I continue to see tumor shrinkage but it is very slow progress. I am at a high confidence level the tumor has shrunk about 30% in the last year mainly seen in the shrinkage of the largest lumps some 50-60%. But even as the lumps are clearly shrinking I can't say for sure the tumor is not continuing to spread in some areas. The tumor has not given up any area it has spread to. So, even after one year I am not 100% confident this approach will be ultimately successful.

Thanks for the info.


RE: GcMAF Bravo Probiotic immunotherapy

by deca1 on Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:21 AM

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It is good news that your tumors have shrunk some 30%.

I have a number of health issues and have for a number of years, stomach issues, Diverticulitis, reflix, colon cancer.

After starting the yogurt from gcmafproducts.com these issues have gone for me. I also have reduced polyp growth as they are no longer growning and are shrinking.

Felt bad every day for 10 years. come some imporvement on Bravo, but not as much as from the one I am on now.

I hear from many people that gcmafproducts product is better.

Of course I am not trying to talk you into anything as you have to be happy with 30% shrinkage. Just giving you my view on the two yogurts.

Please keep us updated on your progress I am sure many people are interested.

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