Robotic prostatectomy no better than open surgery: Australian trial

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Robotic prostatectomy no better than open surgery: Australian trial

by DarrylB on Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:31 PM

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Well the jury is in!!

If you are being told about how good robotic surgery is for prostate cancer - think again!

After a long trial in AUS we finally have a well documented outcome that basically says robotic surgery is no better than open surgery.

The two surgeons one who only does robotic surgery would have done about 6 - 8000 or so robotic surgeries by now and is young. He would be about the best robotic surgery in Aus.
The second surgeon does brachytherapy and open surgery and also dabbles in robotic surgery..... now here's the thing, an extremely experienced robotic surgeon who cannot out perform and average open surgery Surgeon??.  makes you wonder why a man with a specially designed tool cannot do better than a man with standard tools? The open surgery guys peaks at about 200 and the robotic surgery guy is still in the learning curve at figures up to 1000!!  You have to feel sorry for the learning curve robotic patients !!  I was 186 for my fossilized old goat!
That just about says it all!!
My issues post my disastrous robotic surgery in 2010 were:
  1. Damaged urethra from poor catheterisation technique -resolved
  2. Torn right hip ligaments -resolved

  3. Pudendal nerve damage -resolved

  4. urinary tract, bladder and kidney infection -resolved

  5. incisional hernia -repaired

  6. nerve entrapment from hernia repaired – not resolved and permanent

  7. Diastasis recti – not resolved and permanent

  8. Right hand stomach wall muscle atrophy, possible effect from a very large hernia repair – not resolved, seems permanent

  9. surgical clip migration next to the left uteric jet –removed

  10. Surgical clip migration in the trigone area – not resolved

  11. Surgical clip migration through the bowel wall – resolved(excreted)

  12. Urge and stress incontinence – permanent

  13. Impotence – shim score 8/25

  14. Prostate cancer recurrence – not resolved and will be fatal

Hope this helps the undecided!!


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