Tongue cancer food help?

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Tongue cancer food help?

by Newts on Mon Aug 22, 2016 06:54 PM

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Hi guys I have tongue cancer an start 35 x ft next Monday and feeding tube fitted just wondering what people ate I have made my own high calorie smoothies as I want to eat orally as much as possible and not rely on the tube if possible. Is it really that painful to swallow but I want to push through if I can and maintain weight, stay strong everybody any advice would be appreciated j

RE: Tongue cancer food help?

by atcbugsy on Mon Aug 22, 2016 07:53 PM

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Hiya Newts,

Eat whatever you can whenever you can.  Everyone's pain is different.  Pain meds will help a lot, as will "Magic Mouthwash".  If you're not familiar with Magic Mouthwash, ask your Oncologist about it.  I think I was more addicted to it than to my pain meds.  

It wasn't the pain that slowed down my eating as much as the loss of taste.  Remember, once your oral cavity starts getting radiated, taste buds, salivary glands, your thyroid - everything is affected.  It's not that I couldn't eat, it's that everything tasted like crap.  Later is when the pain and mucous took hold and it was uncomfortable/painful to eat.

So, my advice to you is to eat whatever you can, whenever you can, for as long as you can.

Best of luck.


RE: Tongue cancer food help?

by JPaul18535 on Mon Aug 22, 2016 09:42 PM

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Hi Newts,

Bugsy is correct, eat whatever you can now and eat often.  It will help in the long run.  I don't think it was one thing or another which made eating painful for me.  I think I actually got to the point where I didn't care to eat.  After losing over 40lbs, I was almost admitted.  Each one of us reacts differently to the radiation and chemo.  

Besides eating, make sure you take your liquids and a lot of them.  During my treatment I was assigned a dietitian and a swallowing coach.  At least one time per week I met with each of them.  For the swallowing, I had to actually demonstrate I could swallow and chew and swallow.  I was able to do it each week through my treatments.  As I recall, it wasn't really the pain but the actual swallowing which I had difficulties with.  The amount of saliva you will have will play an important role in what you can eat at you get towards the end of your treatment as well as after your treatment. 

Best regards,


RE: Tongue cancer food help?

by Sdurnell on Tue Aug 23, 2016 07:14 AM

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Smoothies are great, as is ice cream--or better yet, combine them!  There are other ways to add protein, which you will need a lot of to heal, and calories in easy-to-eat foods.  Add cheese, and/or sour cream to mashed potatoes and soups.  Puree chunkier soups to make them easier to swallow, and add liquids to other foods so you can puree them too.  (I especially liked potato salad with ham pureed.)  Scrambled eggs, guacamole hot cereal, yogurt, and puddings and custards also go down well. 

As the others have said, it is very individual what works for each of us.  It's important to try to eat and drink at least a little of something every day to keep your swallowing apparatus in tune.  Your diminshing sense of taste might dictate what you can eat.  Applesauce and ginger ale--sometimes flat--worked best for me.

Best of luck to you as you approach this treatment.  You seem to have a proactive attitude--keep it up!


RE: Tongue cancer food help?

by Mbrosnan on Fri Aug 26, 2016 04:17 PM

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Here you go

i had the same TX but a tonsillectomy three weeks before, didint get tube untill three weeks in.

Liquid Hope for the tube- google it, very high calorie and protien which you need. it has 430 cal per bag, I ate thru the whole time but supplemented with 2 bags a day, i actually gained weight.

almond butter 200 calories per tbl spoon in smoothie


eggs-sunny side slide down the best

oatmeal w/maple syrup

heavy cream


if i made my smoothie right i would have 1200 calories right there

you need 3000 a day plus as much protien and water as you can stand. The water will thin mucous and keep flushing toxins.

good luck and godspeed

RE: Tongue cancer food help?

by bruce63 on Mon Aug 29, 2016 09:04 PM

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Sorry to gear that you've joined the group. I was diagnosed 4a base of tongue cancer in 2010. I am now cancer free. As a type diabetic I was concerned about carbs so my diet consisted of muscle milk, V* juice and lots of water. I did lose 50 pounds during the process but I needed to lose some anyway. I ate everything and anything til my 3rd week. After the 3rd week I ate because I had to. All food tasty lousy and the pain took any pleasure away from eating. Taste returned slowly and took 2 1/2 months before i could taste a good steak. I had my peg in for 10 months. I am a survivor, you will be too. Just go with the program and work with your treatment team. Fell anything different...let them know. I had 70 fractional rads and 10 days of chemo. Never got sick. Only lost the hair on my neck which makes shaving quick and easy.

Go with the flow. You can do it no matter what you hear or fear.


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