Signet-ring Cell in Sigmoid Colon - Survivor 6 years.

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Signet-ring Cell in Sigmoid Colon - Survivor 6 years.

by purplemountaing on Tue Jan 10, 2017 08:39 PM

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I wanted to update my survivorship and let people here know that a Stage 3C colon cancer survivor with signet ring cell is surviving at the 6 year marker. 

So much is written on SRCC that is "poor prognosis" and it is essential to post that not every case is going to be poor.

Many thing play a role in survivorship as I see it:

1.  The patients general health

2. The margins at time of surgery

3. The MSI status of the tumor (i.e., micro-satellite stability of the tumor). 

4. Is it only signet-ring cell or also another type of tumor

5. Staging and regional spread vs. distant spread

6. State of mind can play a role 

7. What is meant to be, will be.

I have lived with "terminal" cancer diagnosis for 6 years and have lived with the threat of this SRCC diagnosis coming to get me 24/7.  I took an aggressive stand and if you read my post history you can get a feel for what I did .  It isn't for everyone and I have no medical background and do not give medical advise.  BUT, for me, eating a highly alkaline diet, giving up sugar, wheat, dairy and eating raw for 2.5 years may have helped.  I don't know.  The chemotherapy (FOLFOX) nearly buried me and I wouldn't do that again no matter what. 

I hope this gives some hope and a reprieve from the negative nonsense on the internet which is not to be believed because it is not based on sample sizes that matter much.

Best to all, 


RE: Signet-ring Cell in Sigmoid Colon - Survivor 6 years.

by Leslye on Fri Nov 29, 2019 04:47 PM

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Hello. You say folfox nearly buried you, but do you think you’d be here if you hadn’t done it? This is what I’m tossing and turning about as I have to make a decision in three weeks. I’m taking measures to protect myself as much as possible before with herbs and supplements, including IV vit C and hoping for alpha lipoic acid. But I’m scared of that strong drug. Yet, here you are. So what are your thoughts. Thank you

RE: Signet-ring Cell in Sigmoid Colon - Survivor 6 years.

by Leslye on Fri Nov 29, 2019 04:49 PM

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I’m adenocarcinoma colon cancer with signet ring focal cells...poorly differentiated, and I think MSS. Margins were clear. 14 of 22 lymph nodes were positive
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