brain mets **update

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brain mets **update

by christine75 on Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:03 PM

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              My 69 year old mother was diagnosed with limited stage small cell back in Dec 2015. She received chemoetoposide plus cisplatin(every 3 weeks/ 3 days in a row) plus radiation in April. She was very ill during the whole process but it was successful. In June she start have issue with balance and the did a scan on her. Unfortunately, they found 17 spot and 3 tumors over 1.5 cm in her brain. They immediately did 5 rounds of whole head radiation and now we wait and see, the doctors gave her 6 months. 

They did a scan in early Oct and showed that the radiation did shrink the larger tumors..

I notice late Nov vision, balance and memory issues, so the doctors ran another scan

the tumors had double there orginal size plus one more, lots of lesion but there was to much swelling to see it all.

her classed her as extensive stage small cell lung cancer, gave her  10 more whole head treatments (low dose) and increased her steriod to 4 times daily.

again they said 6-12 months but they will not do anymore treatments that was it...

I am confused I have read of others having 30 treatments but our doctors have said anymore (she has had a total of 15) and her brain tissue will start to die.

 they said 6-12 last time, then her case worker said that reviewing her file and phyiscal testing her it is more like 4-6 if lucky

the whole process is very confusing..has anyone dealt with brain mets returning so fast and bigger?

i asked the doctor where do we go from here and it was wait...sounds silly but I feel like now that they cannot do anything they set us aside... 

Any advice is welcome

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