Stage 1B cancer first line of defense?

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Stage 1B cancer first line of defense?

by Nbaby on Wed Feb 15, 2017 08:20 AM

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January 15 had surgery to remove stage 1 nodule by removal of top right lobe. Non smoker, mutation was shown.Was removed robotically. Surgeon told me there was no need for chemo or radiation as it was all gone.about one year and 5 months later developed a severe pain in the back, to hospital and they did a cat scan,and nothing was visible.after several months of severe pain and testing from everything from kidney,gallbladder colonoscopy etc. nothing showed Chiropractor helped for about a day and pain, now unbearable still returned. Then came a follow up cat scan which showed a slight enlargement of tissue on the lining of my lung, which upon biopsy proved to be stage 1B, had radiation, and now on Tarceva since November. Have had every side effect that is listed. Every article I have read talks about Tarceva for far more advanced cancers. My doctor says that I am in a narrow margin that with Tarceva I can be completely cured. Most articles talk about it as holding off recurrences, but that it eventually comes back. I am confused, as this pill has reduced my quality of life greatly, and I would like to know if it is all for for nothing. Latest cat scan of nodule showed that the radiation made it disappear. It was five month from when the pain took me to the hospital until I finally had the radiation that finally stopped the unremitting pain that was nerve pain.

RE: Stage 1B cancer first line of defense?

by CaregiverPete on Wed Feb 15, 2017 05:17 PM

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Hi Nbaby 

I'm Pete. 

My wife was diagnosed with NSCLC stage llA  with EGFR  mutation. 

After  left lung surgery, treatment with platinum based chemotherapy, radiation. There was no traces of lung cancer with PET scan with dye. Because she was treated with platinum based chemotherapy she qualified to take Tarceva as a last clean sweep Rx. Basically in tests, supposed to starve off every miniscule cancer cell attached or floating in the body.

My wife and I were so happy to receive the drug for one calendar year. 

Unfortunately my wife experienced terrible GI  issues,  some acne,  and other side effects.  She was able to treat all of her skin reactions with Elidel cream. In the last month of taking it she experienced some hair loss on both sides of her head, by her temples. 

She completed her one year of Tarceva in Nov '16. and she's doing great. Her skin is beautiful,  her hair growing back on the sides, she's putting on wieght. She looks amazing. Tests all come back clean as of 2-10-17. 

Here's your quote:

I am confused, as this pill has reduced my quality of life greatly, and I would like to know if it is all for for nothing?

I will say... it is not for nothing. Please consider completing treatment of Tarceva. My wife looks back on it and says it was very tough year to get through but she's glad we are together healthy and happy. It's worth it. 

Very good topic...

I wish you the best in your fight.



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