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Sutent Approved for Rare Pancreatic Cancer

For inoperable or spreading tumors



Afinitor Approved for Rare Pancreatic Cancer

Extended survival in clinical studies



Heavy Drinking Might Raise Risk of Death From Pancreatic Cancer

Large study found 36% increased chance of succumbing to disease among hard liquor drinkers



First Patients Complete Proton Therapy Treatment At CDH Proton Center, A Procure Center

Two months after the opening of the CDH Proton Center, A Procure Center, the first patients have “graduated” from their treatment surrounded by family, friends and staff.



Transformed by Cancer

Upon being diagnosed with cancer, patients often anticipate side effects of treatment: the idea of nausea, hair loss, and fatigue can cast a long shadow. But it may help patients to remember that not all of the side effects of cancer are bad. In fact, some of the positive results of cancer can add immensely to the quality of a survivor’s life.



Pancreatic Cancer Q&A

Dr. Robert Levin, M.D., Chief of Medical Oncology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, answers questions about the prevention, treatment and related side effects of pancreatic cancer.



Be An Open-minded Skeptic; Consider A Wide Array Of Integrative Medicine Choices

Integrative medicine focuses on mind, body and spirit, combining today's cutting-edge treatments with nontraditional techniques and approaches. The June issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter features an in-depth Special Report on this rapidly growing area of medicine, covering mind-body, energy and hands-on therapies.



New Study Indicates Significant Improvement In Progression-Free Survival For Patients With Advanced Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

Groundbreaking studies will be presented at the ESMO 12th World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer next week in Barcelona, Spain, including exciting new data on treatment for neuroendocrine tumors.



Nearly 500 Pancreatic Cancer Advocates Meet With Members Of Congress

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network today hosts its fourth annual Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. Nearly 500 advocates, including patients, survivors and loved ones, from across the United States will meet with members of Congress to call for congressional action to ensure progress is made against the fourth leading cause of cancer death in our country by co-sponsoring the Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act.



New Findings From National Cancer Center Hospital East In The Area Of Pancreatic Cancer Published

Scientists discuss in 'A phase II study of induction chemotherapy with gemcitabine plus S-1 followed by chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer' new findings in pancreatic cancer.

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