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    Thank you. I will surely look into that. Also, I try to keep myself clean and free of sweat when around my family members. I don’t want to chance making them sick with the side effects.

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      She’s at her daycare during the day but her father can’t do much seeing as he sprained his ankle right before my treatments started. Unfortunately, we don’t have a means to a temporary caregiver at nights. My 7 year old took it upon himself to help out as much as possible but I just feel like this whole thing is a burden for everyone (myself included). I’ve been out of work for a few days and we’ll, no work no pay. I...

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        I’ve tried pumping it and she refuses it in a bottle, sippy cup, and regular cup. How do I get her to drink it? Her pediatrician said to up her solid food intake but she already eats a lot. She normally goes throughout the day at daycare with solids and at home she’ll breastfeed then eat solid food and then breast feed right after. Last time I breastfed her was yesterday before lunch and then she fell asleep. I have ...

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          What do I do? I am trying to prepare myself and I don’t even know the first step. I’m trying to stop breatfeeding my 1 year old but it’s so difficult. Doctors just say “stop”. How do I do that? I am so frustrated, I’m worried, I’m confused, and I’m feeling pretty helpless. I don’t know who to turn to or who I can talk to about this. Maybe I’m overthinking things. Maybe I’m making things more difficult than they need ...

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            I have a 14 month baby girl (1 year 2 month old) who is breast fed. She eats solid foods but is strictly breast fed from the time she gets home from daycare to the time she goes to bed (and all throughout the night basically). Keep this info in mind please. Background: When I was pregnant, I had issues my OB said “it’s probably hemorrhoids, which is common during pregnancy”. Months later, that same issue seemed...

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