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    Hi, Just a question in relation to personality change, as this affects my family too. I have experienced strong changes in my partner but only myself and kids appear to notice. To everyone else my partner has not changed. In your case, is the personality change experienced by everyone interacting with your son, or specific/exaggerated to certain people only?

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      Hi Apologies for a late reply, what you decided to do in agreement with your partner is for you two to decide, I thought my own story may be worth sharing. My partner was diagonosed with an Astro Stage 2/3 and had complete removal 6 months after diagnosis. No followup radiation treatment, do not remember now the drugs that went on. But do remember is was 6 months to a year before near full recovery. 2 years after ...

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        In 2004, my wife, at age 32, was diagnosed with an Anglioastrocytoma Grade III / IV in the temporal lobe. This was an accidental find at the time as she had no apparent symptoms. The MRI she took that found the tumor was done as part of checkup a friend offered for free at her private clinic.  It was not intended to be really a medically related test, the tests she did were incidental to her attendance a...

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