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Great idea, Stephen! This forum started getting annoying with glitches and links that don't post properly. Count me in. Amber
Hello there. Just sharing the news. My latest MRI showed additional shrinkage of the tumor. I hope it is the coctail that does the trick. I also posted here two weeks ago about my bloodwork showing liver damage. I stopped all supplements but curcumin, melatonin and Banerji protocol, and ten days later my numbers dropped back to normal. (I kept taking metformin, valproic acid, chloroquin, sertraline and celebrex.) interesting thing I noticed is that once I started back on my supplements, extreme fatigue returned immediately. Thank you all for your support and knowledge you share!
I believe so. He made a lot of referrals to Ben Williams.

RE: Blind in one eye

by AmberOctober - July 22, 2015

Do you guys still drive? I partially lost vision in the left eye. It comes and goes. Sometimes I can even read with it, sometimes all I see it light. I drive but no faster than 45 mph, and looking over my left shoulder is tricky.

RE: Flying with GBM

by AmberOctober - July 21, 2015

I did not have any problems.
I had brief communicarion via email with Dr Chang. Since they told me to finish chemo before starting immune therapy, I have not gone further so far. Btw, he changed me $660 for two emails.
Thank you Mike, Stephen and Angieblue! Will increase milk thristle and probably stop other supplements for a day or two, I have been really sick taking so many pills at once.

On Jul 10, 2015 4:39 PM pacm36 wrote:


We have not expereinced  elevation in liver enzymes.  If you are not taking a good quality Milk thistle product you might want to consider it.  Milk thistle, in particular the silymarin, is a potent hepatoprotective herb.  Typical dose is 300 mg tid with a product standardized to 80 percent silymarin.  You might want to consider a higer dose initially given your liver enzymes are elevated

Thank you. I do take milk thristle, 500 mg/day
Has anyone had problems with liver while on the cocktail? My blood tests have just come back, Alt Sgpt jumped from 7 to 48 in just 10 days (with reference range 0-32). I googled and it says it shows liver damage. I was on chemo 6/29-7/5 and also started some cocktail meds on the 7/2.
A quick question about DCA. Just received my first parcel with it. The dca site says to use tea/caffeine, however, on their forums, both old and new, glioblastoma patients avoid caffinated drinks. I am confused.
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