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    Thanks for your reply. I will have a bone marrow biopsy in January and will know more . As per Bob Beck protocol check out this website https://www.cancertutor.com/bobbeck/ I will continue using it and will keep you posted with my progress . Unfortunately modern medicine can offer me a cure and I have to look elsewhere . I am a firm believer that out body is designed to heal itself it given right support .

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      I’ve just joined this forum and haven’t had a chance to read back , but has anyone been using Bob Beck protocol and what is the feedback. I was dx with Polycythemia Vere 3 weeks ago and started using all four Bob Beck protocol 2 weeks ago . It has help with lots of different cancers but not sure how much t will beneficiary with the one I have as it is not a tumor but over production on Bone marrow . If anyone have an...

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        Hi all I was dx with PV three weeks ago and tested Jak2 positive . At the moment I am only on aspirin and had 3 phlebotomies so far . I am waiting to see two more hematologist for second opinions. An drink about 3-4 l of Distilled water and mainly on plant based diet , I eat lots of raw veg and acassionaly fish. I have no symptoms but occasional headaches but drinking water usually stops them. My husband got me Sot...

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          Hi there , I was just wondering how you are getting on with your treatment and if you had any improvement . I’ve been diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera 3 weeks ago and researching alternative treatments. Thanks

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