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I started having the cramps about 4 years post whipple. The pain is excruciating. I got some relief from activated charcoal, but they still dont know where the cramping is coming from. Im on Creon & Protonix which I suppose helps with digestion, but then all of my lpumbing has been re-routed from the whipple !

RE: Whipple Procedure

by Anadabijou - September 17 at 11:39 AM

I found that CBD oil and tincture and puffing on some good cannabis helps with pain cessation. Stay away from opiates, they're designed to get you hooked

Don't feel alone, I had 12 rounds of what the Oncologist called "kitchen sink chemo" in other words, they through every chemo drug at me they could find. I had stage 4 pc, with 4 months to live. I still get those chills you mention ater 4 years...no reason as to why, but one expert said that Chemo can affect your body's core temperature, as well as your brain. I have found through trial and error, that fish oil and selenium help with the fogginess. I have also found that " the body remembers,"  that is; the body will remember what it was like before disease and intrusion and will try to "auto correct." THe chemo is the worst of all of it. Hang in there, it's now 4 years for me, instead of 4 months. Life is good.

RE: scared of die ing

by Anadabijou - September 17 at 11:27 AM

When I died from & during my Whipple, I remember praying to Michael & Jesus to protect me, my Soul...no matter the outcome of my 10 hour surgery, I placed complete trust in my perception of an Almighty, loving creator, AllFather who watches over his little ones with complete Love and compassion.

"Along the Road, your steps may stumble, a Pilgrim's faith may fail, but through it all a heart held humble, levels and lights the Trail." - Dan Fogelberg

Protein, protein and depending on you, all greasy foods will "run right through you." The protein drinks are good, lots of fish, sardines, salmon, trout and Kefir drinks helped and I found much relief internally from Sea. Buckthorn oil. With me, I was starting to lose a lot of weight, but then it seemed something inside stopped. .and I started to gain...I was 265 lbs. Pre-Whipple, now I am 180, and have been 180 for 3 years or more.Heck of a way to lose weight, but it saved my Life. Keep praying and being grateful for all He gives us..free

Every response to Whipple is different. I had two Whipples. Your diet is crucial post-op. I drank lot of Kefir probiotics and lots of Sea Buckthorn oil. Ate light for months, soups, sandwiches. They took my gall-bladder, 1/3 of Pancreas (head)1/3 of stomach, 1/3 of upper & lower intestine rebuilt my colon and all of the attendant plumbing as well.. removed all of the lymph nodes around the abdomen. I was using a snowblower a couple of months later, (had surgery in Dec.). You may find through experimentation what works for you.. I had to cut down on meats, chicken and fish were ok, but because I had lost so many digestive enzymes after removal of the head of the pancreas I now have to take Creon and I supplement with Papaya enzymes, amilase & bromelain. During my convelescence I took Hemp oil, cbd tincture, Pot brownies and cbd oil. I also took Ojibwa Medicine which is the generic form of Essiac tea. I aslo smoked pot for appetite & sleep purposes. If you experience cramping post -op, I found that Activated Charcoal from burned coconut shells works well to rid the intestines of post op gases , wind, and severe cramps. I'm currently in my 4th year survival and 3 months. Oncologist says 8 more months and she is going to call it remission! I am 67 years old, and am feeling better than I ever have. If you have issues with weight loss, be grateful. I called it unplanned fasting, which is good for a person- keeps us humble & grateful and focused on the Goodness of this World. Besides, fasting increases the length of our telomeres ! Always a good thing, without meaning to proselitize I say pray, be grateful and prioritize your life. You will be surprised at what we dont need in this Life in order to be happy and content. I wish all of you Peace, Joy and contentment.

I am pleased to report that I am 4 years and 3 months surviving after 2 Whipples in 2014. I was diagnosed with a malignant tomor of the head of the Pancreas. At the time, they gave me 4 months max, and told my lady friend to take me home and "make me confortable" I went to Dana Farber and met a very nice surgeon Dr. Wang and he and his team worked on me for 10 hours cutting and re-fitting the plumbing. I was up and walking after 4 hours, and left Women's Brigham ( where the surgery actually took place) 5 days later and have been doing really good since. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of adjustments, cramps, etc., certain foods that I once enjoyed (the greasy stuff!) I now had to eschew, but I am here and that is all that counts. I wish and pray that your Angels watch over you the way they did me.

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