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Breast Cancer
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I was diagnosed in July 2010 with 2 stage breast cancer. I turned down all conventional therapy as I had researched widely on alternatives. After 5 years I still have the lump, obviousl larger and harder but fortunately not painful except in stressful situations to which I seem to be rather prone. I've also been diagnosed through many blood tests with rubber in my blood (a long story with neighbour burning rubber tyres), Hashimoto's and related adrenal insufficiency. I am trying to tackle these problems with various supplements. I am on a very low carb, no sugar, vegetable/nuts based diet. I no longer follow the rigid daily coffee enemas and juicing that I initially followed as it reduced my lifestyle to one of constant self absorption (in itself quite a stress inducing period). I think it was very beneficial though and I lost weight, moving from around 10 stone to 7 and half stone and looking rather skeletal. I will not seek conventional therapy but have been told about Iscador (mistletoe therapy), Far Infrared Therapy and lately seen Salvestrols as possibly helping to reduce the size of the tumour. After 5 years I count myself extremely lucky but I have no knowledge of how the tumour is developing nor do I want to be poked about with needles or other "state of the art" techniques used by conventional therapists. I could go on but wonder if anyone out there is in the same position, i.e. just trying to live with it and succeeding without intervention or best of all if they have found remission through meditative techniques et al. Thanks for listening.

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