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It was extremely interesting John, thankyou.  Good to have this knowledge.

One in five cases of breast cancer are known as triple-negative, and are the most lethal form—but a compound found in herbs such as thyme and parsley, and celery and broccoli, stops them spreading, scientists have discovered this week.

The compound, luteolin, does what chemotherapy can’t, and can locate the triple-negative cancer cells and stops them metastasizing, or spreading, say researchers from the University of Missouri.

Triple-negative breast cancer cells are so called because they lack three receptors that chemotherapy drugs usually locate and latch onto, and so oncologists have to use very aggressive and toxic therapies to try to combat their spread.

The researchers have found that luteolin does the job instead. In one experiment, they found that the compound stopped the triple-negative cells spreading to the lungs, and, in a second study, they blocked their spread throughout the body. The compound also kills the cancer cells.

The tests have so far been restricted to animal studies, but the researchers are hopeful they’ll get the go-ahead to start tests on cancer patients within the next couple of years.

With around a hundred women in the US alone dying every day from breast cancer, they’re hoping the regulators will move quickly.

I'm not going to wait for another 2 years to find out whether these foods work.  I'm going for them now.  It wont be too difficult to include them in ones diet along with staying strictly off sugar.

I wonder if the LDN (low dose naltrexone) website would throw up any information; maybe worth a try as is anything aside from conventional therapy which as you've found can be so terribly hard to take.  You wouldnt mind if there was a guarantee at the end of it all that it would be the cure you want.  Look at reputable Cannabis oil websites, Salvestrols (Platinum 2000) as well as making absolutely sure that your diet is free of sugar, high GI carbs (go for Quinoa as replacement, you can get flour and grain); do lots of fresh vegetable juices and filtered water (loads to flush toxins away), have magnesium sulphate detox baths.  See Gerson therapy and related detox websites; meditate, do yoga to destress, avoid loud and ignorant people and be kind to yourself; your'e the important one now.  Sending you loving vibes and hope things are better for you in 2016.

Breast cancer and LDN

by Anthea12 - November 30, 2015

I wonder if anybody has found any benefit in taking LDN?  I also have Hashimoto's and have been on LDN now working up from 1mg to 2mg within one month.  Since it involves Hashimoto's I was advised to start very slowly.  Although it has only been one month I feel that emotionally I experience more highs and lowsk than previously which impacts on the stress that I am aiming to reduce.  Unfortunately I am particularly prone to even small amounts of stress.  I have had breast cancer now for just over 5 years and have had no conventional treatment opting instead for a more natural approach.  It would be very interesting to read of others experiences.  Many thanks.

Nice to hear from you again deebees.  I will certainly have a lot to read and digest from the websites you suggest. If only getting good quality cannabis oil was a simple affair but its not in the UK.  I'm certainly impressed by the research on LDN-ACE and have just started taking it.  LDN Research Trust (David Gluck) is an interesting site too.  The support by people like you on this forum is wonderful.  Warmest wishes.

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My husband passed on 10/13/2015. I feel that the nexavar robbed us of some of the time we would have had together. We had just 5 months from the date of diagnosis. Did not have enough time to wade through the mountains of information on alternative treatments. There has to be a better way. I pray that you will have some quality time left with your Mom. 

Dear soconfused,

Me too!!!!  My love and prayers go to you tonight as I feel your pain. I lost my first husband 18 years ago, and now my second husband was diagnosed just the same as your husband.   What is this "Standard of care" crap?   Mine is also on Nexavar (sorafabin)  I'm terrified too that it is causing his decline?  4 months ago he was strong and seemed fine.  But his diagnoses scared him so deeply that he feels medication is his only hope ....

GOD BE WITH EACH AND EVERYONE OF US AND MAY SOMEONE FIND A WAY TO KILL ALL FORMS OF CANCER.     ( My fear though, cancer is a giant money maker, ... Do they really want a cure? )

I agree with you that Cancer is a giant money maker and if they find a cure or do have one it will never be shared with those with cancer. My own husband who passed wasy 2 years friom colon cancer believed this also.

Research LDN-ACE combination therapy, IV Vit C (or liposomal vitamin C), Salvestrols, diet so important; reduce to almost zero high GI carbs, definitely NO sugar AT ALL including fruit juices high in fructose, berries ok; lots of green leafy veg and cruciferous veg it tolerated.  Get a good masticating juicer and juice organic veg (always organic; see Gerson therapy), check out FIR therapy too.  Find a brilliant naturopath, reduce stress as much as possible.  Theres no magic pill or medication.  Love you know is very important, unconditional love.  Warmest wishes to you.


by Anthea12 - October 22, 2015

Hello Deebees

You responded to a message of mine recently.  I am unable to open your mail.  Mention was made of LDN in immunotherapy.  If you are out there please make contact.  I think I have your correct user name but searches do not throw anything up.  Would love to continue discussion, very helpful.

2 more books to add both of which were enormously helpful when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer 5 years ago and which helped enormously in the beginning (not having gone for conventional treatment but going for complementary therapy even though very expensive but hugely worth it).  They are 'Vital Signs for Cancer' by Xandria Williams and 'Cancer is not a disease, it's a survival mechanism' by Andreas Moritz.  Both exceptionally good at healing cancer's root causes and playing a part in one's own recovery.  Another fab book is 'Dying to be me' by Anita Moorjani.  These books don't just address the physical symptoms of cancer but importantly give us a behind the scenes of how cancer develops in a person (it can take up to 20 years to show).  What are the triggers?  These books answer some puzzling questions of why.

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I was diagnosed in July 2010 with 2 stage breast cancer. I turned down all conventional therapy as I had researched widely on alternatives. After 5 years I still have the lump, obviousl larger and harder but fortunately not painful except in stressful situations to which I seem to be rather prone. I've also been diagnosed through many blood tests with rubber in my blood (a long story with neighbour burning rubber tyres), Hashimoto's and related adrenal insufficiency. I am trying to tackle these problems with various supplements. I am on a very low carb, no sugar, vegetable/nuts based diet. I no longer follow the rigid daily coffee enemas and juicing that I initially followed as it reduced my lifestyle to one of constant self absorption (in itself quite a stress inducing period). I think it was very beneficial though and I lost weight, moving from around 10 stone to 7 and half stone and looking rather skeletal. I will not seek conventional therapy but have been told about Iscador (mistletoe therapy), Far Infrared Therapy and lately seen Salvestrols as possibly helping to reduce the size of the tumour. After 5 years I count myself extremely lucky but I have no knowledge of how the tumour is developing nor do I want to be poked about with needles or other "state of the art" techniques used by conventional therapists. I could go on but wonder if anyone out there is in the same position, i.e. just trying to live with it and succeeding without intervention or best of all if they have found remission through meditative techniques et al. Thanks for listening.

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