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by Atoms - October 08, 2016

Is it possible to acquire HPV from your monogamous partner?

Dental procedures

by Atoms - October 06, 2016

Stage IVa throat cancer. My epiglottis was removed so that I can no longer protect my airway.

My original dentist refuses to treat me. What have others done in order to get dental procedures done when there's no way to shield the airway? Can't let them clean, polish, or drill without material going into my lungs and causing aspiration pneumonia.

Suggestions or experiences?

Radiation often creates "mucositis," painful sores in the mouth. Often these make it impossible to eat. I used a feeding tube and can state that it is a lifesaver. Helps put weight back on, gives one good nutrition and hydration. Easy to install, easy to remove. Better to have than not.

Post treatment is rough for a long time. Pain meds when needed. Physical therapy for weak muscles when you feel better. I love my feeding tube. In my case I'll have it forever, but I strongly recommend it for people who are having nutrition problems. Significant improvement in health,

In anywhere from fifty to eighty percent of cases, the first symptom of an oligodendroglioma is the onset of seizureactivity. They occur mainly in the frontal lobe. Headachescombined with increased intracranial pressureare also a common symptom of oligodendroglioma. Depending on the location of the tumor, any neurological deficit can be induced, from visual loss, motor weakness and cognitive decline. - Wikipedia

I had TORS and I think it was a lifesaver. When they got into my throat they found a hugh tumor and very little room within which to work. I believe the TORS allowed them to be thorough and remove most of the cancer. Radiation and chemo took care of the rest and I am almost five years out.

In addition to throat cancer I have suffered from depression all my life. See a therapist, get the good drugs that are available, and do some talk therapy. It's a chronic but manageable illness.

RE: Just diagnosed stage 4A

by Atoms - January 28, 2016

A feeding tube is easy to mount and easy to remove. If you have mucositis and your mouth is too sore to eat, the feeding tube is a blessing.

RE: Interesting new research

by Atoms - January 28, 2016

Sometimes the immunotherapy attacks healthy as well as cancer cells. When I read the manufacturers literature it made me want to not ever have the therapy.

RE: Using THC to kill cancer cells

by Atoms - November 19, 2015

If THC kills cancer cells than we should expect most marijuana users from the '60s to be cancer free. The data is available online. Look it up and see how many hippies have died despite having consumed vast quantities of THC over several years.

I smoked THC heavily for twenty years. All I got for it was a Stage IV cancer in my throat.

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