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    Well, after having a biopsy 3 weeks ago and just finding out today, only because I called their office repeatedly, I just found out that YES, you do have cancer! On your nose! They suggested MOHS surgery and are referring me.  Anybody out there ever dealt with this?  Barb

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      Hi AnnJohn,  I am so sorry to hear what John is going through.  It sounds exactly like what my hubby, Mike, went through 2 years ago.  He had the same tight stomach and could not eat at all and only had tiny glasses of Gatorade for a week until he had lost so much weight I was terrified.  He ended up in the hospital for a week for rehydration while continuing treatment(same as yours).  They f...

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        My husband just got the shocking news of probably neck cancer which has spread to 3 nodes.  He is paralyzed with fear, as am I.  Being referred to oncologist this week for further scans.  Not sure how to approach this.  He just wants them to "cut the alien" out of me asap!  He's not much for the natural approach(food,supplements,etc.).  he's 66 and I'm 64.  Both so scared.  Any...

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