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    This works very well for me for bloating, gas,  cramping, and a generally irritated stomach and bowel. 250ml water 1 drop Anise essential oil 1 drop Dill Seed essential oil 1 drop Fennel essential oil 1 tablespoon neutral flavoured drinkable alcohol (e.g. vodka) Shake well and before each use.  The alcohol is needed to disperse the oils into the water. Take two tablespoons at a time,  as neede...

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      I take one single 25,000 unit pill with whatever on occasion, with foods I think might be hard to digest. I'm sorry despite repeatedly trying  I haven't really been able to tell if they help or not. If I do or  don't take one the pain may or may not come an hour after the meal, regardless.  I did not notice greater benefit by taking more, even with fatty meals, and when I tried taking many (5) (only on...

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        I had severe symptoms mimicking an ulcer too. I could eat, but an hour to an hour and a half later the pain became intolerable. It felt like an ulcer.  The pain for me was caused by the pancreatic cancer,not sure how or why- pancreatic pain seems to resemble stomach issues-  and later I had terrible stomach symptoms caused by a duodenal blockage.An hour after eating my stomach would bloat and cramp, the con...

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          Oh no, that's not good news. I'm so  sorry you are in such agony.  I did find  that the pain was worse lying down rather than standing especially lying on my back. Types of food were inconsistent at causing me pain. The worst attack of pain I  ever had was from eating kale. I ate deep fried fish,  once,  just to see what would happen, with absolutely no problem. Go figure! But I believe ...

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            I'm sorry that you are having such horrific symptoms. They do sound unbearable.  Mine were never that bad, but the hopeful thing is that your pain is intermittent so perhaps it's more of a malabsorbtion/digestive issue than the possibility of pancreatic cancer. I hope your visit with the gastroenterologist can help, but from what I understand it's very difficult to pinpoint the cause of digestive upset and you m...

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              Terric, I will be starting abraxane/gemcitabine later this week, I figured, might as well try at least one of them.  I sure hope it's no worse than the folfirinox.Being in Ontario, the protocol options  available to me are extremely limited. I belive the third line therapy might be just straight 5-fluoro uracil, which I already received with the folfirinox, anyway. there's no mechanism to test my tumor to s...

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                Cyberknife and nanonife are different. Nanoknife uses probes that pass  short bursts of high voltage electricity through the tumor, cyberknife uses radiation. If there is an option of cyberknife vs. conventional radiation, I believe that the cyberknife would be the better option because of less risk of collateral damage.

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                  Terric, what's your chemo regimen?  The mannose apparently might help the chemo work better  for cancers that have low levels of  phosphomannose isomerase- I don't know if pancreatic cancer falls into that category or not or how you could go about getting tested for this enzyme.   because the cancer cells are already stressed.   But I'm still here and do not seem to be going downhill qu...

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                    I was excited to read positive results from the SM-88 trial, but the results may be skewed. A class action lawsuit has been initiated against Tyme, the developer of this drug combo.  From marketwatch.com: On March 14, 2018, Tyme announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (''FDA'') had accepted its Investigational New Drug (''IND'') application to initiate the Company's Phase II clinical trial for SM...

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                      So I heard back, I am not eligible for a single clinical trial. So much for that. I have an appointment with the oncologist to see if she has any tricks up her sleeve... I'm not hopeful, it will be some sort of chemo, and the thought of climbing back into that chair is horrifying. I'm holding out with the help of the Voltaren, not sure if the other stuff is doing anyting or not (cannabis oil, cucurmin, coconut oil a...

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