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    Does anyone have experience with survival statistics for someone who has been diagnosed with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer and turned down chemotherapy and radiation?  25% of the lymph nodes removed from her abdomen were "hot" after going through The Whipple. Her oncologist said it was 80% probable that the cancer would return within the year.  She's healthy otherwise.  Any experience?  Thoughts?

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      Hello all, Am reaching out for some insights and the experience of others.  I have Stage 3 bile duct cancer; had to have the Whipple first; and of the 42 lymph nodes removed, 25% were positive, indicating metastatic disease.  Three months later, I've just completed (last week) my first round of chemo -- 5FU -- known as the mildest.  It was God awful. Ended up in the hospital for two days.  As my ...

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        Thank you, and yes, I completey agree. The question is really about whether one has experienced the impacts of Folfirnixox AFTER the Whipple as opposed to before it, which is the usual routine.  The oncologist told us that he hadn't done it before, so couldn't give us any real insights.  Thx again.

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          Hello all, I am a 70 year old female in good health who was diagosed out of the blue with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer.  Orginally scheduled for chemo and radiation first, that was reversed due to a  complication.  I underwent the Whipple on Dec. 6 and now, almost 5 weeks post op, am recovering fairly easily (after some very tough initial weeks).  My oncologist has recommended Forflinox treatment ...

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