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    I would like to share this good news. My friend has 4th stage renal cells carinoma kidney cancer mets to the lung. One of ther kidney was removed.  Onco said chemo will not respond in her case. Instead, started her on immunotherapy (ippilimumab and nivolumab).  After a few cycles, the cancer nodules on the lung which is near to the heart, disappeared.  The other small nodules at the side of the lungs...

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      Both my mum and eldest sis passed away of tail pancreatic cancer - adenocarcinoma.  The most common pancreatic cancer.  Both of them were diagnosed at stage 4 and had non resectable cancer.  Both tried chemo and various alternative medicines. Nothing worked. So, dun waste time on alternative medicine. Mum passed away 6 months after diagnosis and sis passed away 11 months after diagnosis.   A...

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