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    Hey Jack, T2N0M0 Left Tonsil SCC non-HPV here. Finished 35 radiation uni-lateral treatments of Dec 22nd 2018. Im new around here but can add what I was told after I pressed the issue about proton therapy. Firstly - I didnt care about cost. Not because I'm rich, but because Im not afraid to be poor again. I just wanted the best technology, lowest side effects and the highest success rate. I had a tonsilectomy and ...

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      Hello all! Im 6 weeks out from finishing 34 IMRT treatments 2Gy a session, to my left neck/head area for Stage2 T0 N0 SCC of the left tonsil. (Had tonsilectomy before RADs). Im having a hard time figuring out if I can get a relativly new gum surgery procedure done called LANAP. Its laser assisted new atatchment. I have had gum disease for many years and didnt stay caught up with my cleaning, but never had caviti...

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