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Thank you for the replies.  Yeah, mine seems to improve for a day or 2 then comes back.  I have the same issue in my shoulder on my radiation side.  Good luck.  Tony

I finished my rad treatment in Feb. 2016.  My tumor was on my right tonsil, so my right side received the brunt of my radiation.  I had PT to help my shoulder get stronger, as I could barely lift it over my head after treatment.   I began working out and got back to relative normalcy. I got busy and wasnt able to workout for several months and all the sudden I started to have pain in my SC joint (where the clavicle meets the sternum) and my shoulder pain has returned.  It has been 3 weeks and I feel like its not getting better.  Anyone have similar issues after treatment?  I dont feel any lumps or concerning swelling in the area, but it won't improve.  

It gets exhausting, every little thing that comes up brings you right back to where you were when you had cancer.  I am a very happy and optomistic person, but its gets taxing.  Thank you everyone, hope everyone is getting by..

The last few weeks my stomach has been so irritated and I have been throwing up like crazy.  I decided a couple night ago it had to be the peg tube.  I'm doing my best to not use it and i have not thrown up in 3 days.  I'm leaning towards doing the same and getting this thing out.

That's funny my litte ones are 4 and 6 as well.  I also have a 13 year old.  Just curious how are you doing eating wise?

Tuesday I will be 8 weeks out as well.  I took a nap in the middle of replying to this note. hahah.  yeah, I feel like I could sleep all day as well. I walk a coupe times a day.  Try to go out and watch my kids run wild, but still I eventually end up inside crashed out.  If you find any tricks besides time, let me know. Tony

Hey there,

Tuesday I will be 7 weeks out of treatment.  On the one hand, it is much better in that you do not have to do all the daily treatment crap.  As far as my experience, people are very right, you continue to cook for weeks.  I repeatedly read on here 4-8 weeks, as I wonder if this is ever going to end...  I can say just in the last few days do I feel like my mouth is improving noticeably.  So  I would say that information is pretty darn accurate.  My neck healed pretty well within about 2 weeks.  I was given silverdeen or something like that.  It was a miracle worker.  the mouth pain got worse and I just didn't feel good and fatigued.  For me, I have been vomitting for no known reason, which has been the worst.  Each of those symptoms have ever so slightly improved.  For me, its the sitting around everyday that is really taxing me mentally.  I have small children running around and really can not wait to be back on my feet full speed.  I have heard stories of people bouncing back quicker and a friend of mine who went through this 2 years ago, it took much longer for him.  I read that it didn't end immediately after radiation, but I thought I would heal faster than most because I am relatively young and was in great shape before diagnosed.  didn't matter.  it takes as long as it takes, you can do it, just get you mind ready to not have any expectations of when exactly that will be. Good luck.  You are almost done with treatment, that is huge.  I'm focusing on May when I get my scan.  Wishing we all are cured in the end.  Hang it there.  Tony

I'm just checking on others experience. [Since I am sitting around all day just thinking/worrying...I'm sorry.]  I am getting sick a few times a day still 6 weeks out. There does not appear to be any main cause I can pin point.  At times I think it's because I waited too long to feed myself through the tube.  Others, its appear to be acid reflux which was a problem for me before I even had cancer.  At times, I can go a few days without throwing up.  Then I will have a string of days where I throw up 2-3 times.  Are/have  others experiencing this?

I am thinking about going back on the anti nausea medications.  I think it was zophran and adivan?  Any other suggestions.

today is 6 weeks post radiation.  My mouth is still bad, but getting better.  I can use lidocaine and get some food down, but mostly still on tube. Over the past week or so my fatigue level has gotten ridiculous.  If I do not make myself get up and take a walk, I think I could sleep all day?  For the most part it seems odd the fatigue kicks in so late.  Is this consistent with anyone elses experience?  I think I am healing while I sleep.  I think that is why my mouth is getting better finally.  Though this whole experience my fatigue level was okay except with I did chemo it knocked me out for a few days.  Now 6 weeks out I literally feel like sleeping all day.  Any suggestions?  Should I just sleep and let it pass?


Nice work.  The other day I realized I could put liquid lidocain on my mouth sores and made it possible to get down some pudding and a couple bites of mac n cheese.  I was very excited. 45 year old man, excited about eating a small squeeze packet of pudding....life sure has changed.

I was in the same confused situation just months ago deciding to have surgery first or chem and rad.  In the end, I opted to do chemo and rad.  Part of my decision was 1. I was going to have to have chemo and rad anyways since I was also stage 4, tonsil, base of tongue, nodes; 2. I am in a smaller town and my ENT admitted he only does this extensive of surgury once a year.  It was going to take me some time to get into a clinic and get someone who was very experienced at this surgery; 3. I wanted to take the chance to avoid surgery all together.  

I now have a surgeon who is ready if my scan does not come back clean.  I finished treatment and am waiting til May to see if it worked.  Not saying this is the right choice for you, but just thought I would share mine.  

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