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    Yes I was on it several years ago (2007, 2008).  I thought it was fine, a great alternative to Chemo.  However, in 2008 I developed a tumor in my sternum and had to have surgery. The surgeon stated it was already disintegrating, so I believe the Tarceva was responsible for that.  My oncologist though insisted it was now time for traditional chemo.  I have been cancer-free since 2008. 

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      Hi - My dad has had a GIST tumor removed about 1-2 yrs ago and the surgery involved removing part of the stomach. He was then put on Gleevac orally - this is the only chemo drug available for this type of cancer.  He doesn't tolerate this pill very well but takes it "most of the time".  His biggest problem is throwing up after eating - doesn't happen all the time, or even every day.  It does not seem t...

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        Exactly which cancers does this work on??

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