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    Hi, I found something that helped my pain! It took over two years of enduring horrible pain everyday. I had over 30 pain treatments, tried lots of medications,chiropractic care, massage, and months of physical therapy. I also tried a spinal cord stimulator, which did not work. In June my pain doctor tried a ketamine infusion. It feels like a miracle! I never thought I would feel this well. It is not perfect but,...

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      Hi , I have suffered with pain since I woke up from surgery 20 months ago. I have tried a lot of types of treatments. I had nerve blocks, thorasic anethestia, and a spinal cord stimulator trial, for a grand total of 28 procedures. I have tried a lot of meds. I am currently on Butrans. I have been through 3 rounds of PT, yoga, massages, and chiropratic care. I am so frustrated that nothing will take it away. I really ...

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        I have also had trouble getting my doctors to admit what is wrong. I have been in pain since I woke up from the mastectomy. I have tried so many treatments, over 35 pain treatments, not including a spinal cord stimulator. ( which didn't help at all) Is there any hope that this will improve with time? My surgery was in 2013.

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