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    I'm 27 and have been free and clear for four years. I found my cancer very early and opted for four weeks of radiation therapy, which, looking back now I feel like it wasn't needed. Everyday I wonder if and when I will get sick again. Is there a statistic of the probability that you will get cancer a second time? It's always on my mind. And I hate not knowing if it's coming back.

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      My name is Cory, I'm 25 years old and was diagnosed with testicular cancer about 2 and a half years ago. Cancer is also very prevelant in my family, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt..and so on. I had surgery and went through radiation.  I just had my yearly chest xray and the results said: 2 questionable sub centimeter nodular densities are seen projecting over the right lower lung field. I am going for a chest...

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