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RE: Tonsil cancer

by Danny43 - August 01 at 5:17 PM

That is exactly what she said.

Ulcer On base of tongue

by Danny43 - July 30 at 6:48 PM

Hello everyone 

I have been dealing with several symptoms for long time and nobody was able to figure out what's going on with me until yesterday.  

So I had an endoscopy and apparently I had an ulcer on base of my tongue.  Now I have to see a ENT once again. 

Yesterday,  this  doctor told me that there a lot tissue there . Does anyone know what she means by that?


RE: Tonsil cancer

by Danny43 - July 30 at 6:00 PM

On Jul 10, 2019 10:43 PM Coopercoop wrote:

Danny, I’m in a similar situation. I for some reason cannot create a new thread. I had a weird tight/tingly/popping sensation in my neck and then noticed my right tonsil was larger than the left (not inflamed). Saw ENT. She agreed, scoped but said it looked healthy. Ordered CT. While waiting for my CT (two weeks), I discovered 2 palpable lymph nodes bilaterally. They have to sort of be searched for, they aren’t visible in my neck or palpable without putting fingers up under jaw. CT confirmed several prominent nodes, largest 9mm. Deemed to be reactive and my tonsils were deemed to be mildly symmetrically enlarged. ENt explained sometimes tonsils hide a bit so they appear different sizes on visual examination. I’ve had mild ear pain on right wide. Neck still feels funny but I never stop prodding it so who knows. I feel these little twinges or twitches sometimes too, sort of in the area of the nodes. I found another small node on right side. Smaller than the ones I have bilaterally. I am seeing the ENT Monday and I suspect she is going to tell me my CT was normal. I have been on antibiotics for 5 weeks with no changes. I’m so worried that I’ve had the unfortunate luck to have ENTs who are less experience with occult tumors. No one has said why I have these nodes. No one has explored the cause of my ear pain other than to determine no infection is present. TMD was also suggested but no advice on how to alleviate my symptoms. I’ve seen 3 ENTs now. Two are in the same practice, one was a different practice. I’m going to ask on Monday why a FNAB isn’t recommended given that the antibiotics aren’t reducing the nodes and I haven’t had any acute illness. ENT #3 told me nodes smaller than 1.5 are considered normal. Ugh.


Yesterday,  I had an endoscopy, the doctor found that I have an ulcer on base of my tongue.  She said there's full of tissue on base of my tongue.  Now she's going to refer me to ENT doctor.  Does anyone know what she means by that?

Thank you 

RE: Tonsil cancer

by Danny43 - July 09 at 2:09 PM

I'm just 30 minutes away from Pittsburgh.  Sorry for my short response I'm at work right now. 

RE: Tonsil cancer

by Danny43 - July 09 at 10:49 AM

Hi guys sorry for my late response. 

I'm stuck without answers. I feel so sick,  now I feel like my neck is on fire all the time, eating is even more difficult.  I don't know what else to do  . Im totally lost.

RE: Tonsil cancer

by Danny43 - May 08, 2019

No, I'm stuck without a diagnosis.  It's so frustrating. 

RE: Tonsil cancer

by Danny43 - May 07, 2019

Hey Creek,

Where did you recieved your treatment?

RE: Tonsil cancer

by Danny43 - February 03, 2019

Thank you for your reply.  I don't have a diagnosis yet but I'm worried I have so many symptoms. 

I have one enlarged tonsil and food get stuck in my throat. 

Tonsil cancer

by Danny43 - February 01, 2019

by survivor of tonsil cancer? If, yes. Can you share your experience with me.  Like symptoms, treatments ? Please thank you 

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