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    Hi Guyfergy I haven't been to this forum for some time and noticed you had a question about who removed my surgical clip. The only way to see whether there is a clip or not causing you a problem is wuth ultrasound or a cystoscopy. My Dr that removed one of the clips is Dr Peter Swindle in Brisbane AUSTRALIA. I don't know where you live, but I am sure there is many bloke out there now with the same problem... H...

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      Well the jury is in!! If you are being told about how good robotic surgery is for prostate cancer - think again! After a long trial in AUS we finally have a well documented outcome that basically says robotic surgery is no better than open surgery. The two surgeons one who only does robotic surgery would have done about 6 - 8000 or so robotic surgeries by now and is young. He would be about the best robotic surger...

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        Hi Darryl Unfortunatly you have been diagnosed twenty yrs too early.  In time i am sure we will just have to take a pill and it will be all over. I have had a robotic prostatectomy in 2010 and I had a gleason 6 cancer, I was 54 at the time.  I was promised I would be back at work in two weeks, erections would work just fine and I would be continent in about 3 months... to date I have lost well over 4 mont...

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          Hi ironne I don't have any posative recommendations at all regarding robotic surgery as my experience with it is disastrous. The only advice is if you are considering robotic surgery be very careful to select a surgeon that has done thousands, is young <50 yrs old and has a comprehensive aftercare plan including incontinence and erectile dysfunstion... you'll have both for a while... if you are lucky you will be...

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            Hi I agree with Dan ... SLOW DOWN it took a long while to get to where it is, take a little more time to make the right decision for you. If you are still convinced you want cyber knife talk to patients that have already had it and what problems they had at the time and the problems they have at 3 yrs or so after the treatment See if you can get long term success figures from other sources than the Dr that is tr...

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              I was diagnosed with a gleason 6 cancer in 2010 and was conned into a robotic prostatectomy; To date I suffered the following; damaged urethra from poor catheterisation technique Torn right hip ligaments from the steep trendelenburg positioning Pudendal nerve damage urinary tract, bladder and kidney infection incisional hernia - repaired nerve entrapment from hernia repair Dias...

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