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    I had a partial vuvectomy in September 2016 the paint was moderate to servere on occasions during the healing process ! But my question is I still have intense burning an itching 24/7which i s what led to the Dr diagnosis of the hpv I go to the cacer Dr every 3 months an she doesn't seem to take me serious when I explained this is anyone else dealing with this that has suffered from hpv virus ! I am miserable an I've...

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    I am a 54 year old female.A mother of 3 an grandmother of 5 wonderful little boys I was diagnosed? in August 2016 with the hpv virus there are over a 100 strands of the virus only 3 of the 100 causes cancer I was diagnosed with all 3 I revived several biopises an was then referred to the Market Cancer Center in Lex Ky where I was diagnosed with Vulvar Cancer ! I don't even try to explain it to anyone bc like me they had never heard of this tye of cancer ! I had surgery in September of 2016 ! Would love to ha EA buddies to talk to if you have experienced any of this type of cancer I feel so alone an helpless at times !

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