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I'm a 43 year old man, married, 3 sons, 21,16,15.
12/8/13- dx with brain tumor thought to be Grade 2 Astrocytoma.

1/8/14-Full resection of small chicken egg sized tumor from right parietal lobe @ John's Hopkins

1/23/14-Pathology results indicate Grade 3 astrocytoma. I'm negative for IDH1 protein, MGMT Unmethylated, and I do not have the 1p19p codeletion.

2/13/14-Imrt 5 field radiation 5 day/week and daily temador begin.

4/1/14-6 weeks of radiation and Temador finish.

4/24/14-first MRI in 105 days...ALL CLEAR!

4/28/14- first monthly cycle of Temador @ 320mg

6/1/14- half marathon 1:55:30

6/2/14- second monthly cycle of Temador @410 mg, which sucked!

6/24/14- Another clean MRI!

7/4/14- third monthly cycle of temador @400 mg, managed better this month than last.

8/2,3- PMC weekend! Rode hard for 145 miles before a violent tire blowout and crash, but no serious injuries to report. Raised over 7800$ for adult brain tumor research :)

8/8/14- finished 4th monthly cycle of Temador.

10/11/14-Hartford half marathon run in 1:50:37

10/12/14 - starting 6th and final cycle of Temador.

10/30/14 - another clear MRI, informed my original pathlogy report had false negative test for IDH1 muatation. I do have the mutation, which is a good thing.

11/5/15 - Another clear MRI, coming up on 2 years of survivorship!

3/16 MRI's continue to look good.

4/7/16 Start thru hike of appalachian trail!

7/12 After 1498 miles hiked, I've gotten what I needed from this adventure. I'm going home to heal up the body.

7/28/16-Clear MRI :)

11/8/16-Clear MRI

12/8/18- 5 years of survivorship!

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