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RE: Congrats

by Dodgerblue - January 05, 2019

I was very fortunate as my tumor was on the outside of my right parital lobe, so the neurosurgeon was able to just scoop it out without having to navigate through any healthy brain tissue. He removed all visible tumor, so 99. something %. There are always remaining cancer cells so hopefully radiation and chemo killed or put those in a comatose state. Dodger
Mine were every three months, but I’ve managed to get them out to 4 months at this point Dodger

RE: Congrats

by Dodgerblue - January 03, 2019

I’m good Shell! Hitting 5 year mark was exciting because by the numbers my prognosis was 3-5 years, scary in a way because I may need to figure out to do with the rest of my life. I think there is good chance I may never have a recurrence, which is great, but I’ve kinda prepared myself that I would have one, so... empty nester in another year, so guess I must plan another grand adventure. Dodger


by Dodgerblue - January 03, 2019

Hi all! I’m alive and well! Just haven’t been on site as much as in the past. This site was an incredible resource for me years back in terms of answering treatment questions, side effect questions, finding long term survivors, and unfortunately meeting many whose loved ones lost their battles. Everything I read served me in some way, and I’m very happy to know that I could pass some of that along. I’ll try to log on more often :) Dodger

RE: No Pathology as of yet...

by Dodgerblue - November 06, 2018

Anxiety is very common when first dealing with this dx, although u haven’t even gotten your exact DX. Seeing a therapist, getting a anti anxiety med, exploring if there are any brain tumor support groups in your area could all be helpful. Dodger
Hi Shell, I understand your apprehension about radiation treatment and if your daughters tumor was strictly grade 2, forgoing radiation would be a viable option in my opinion. However, given the fact that it wasn’t a 99 percent resection(all visible tumor) and there was a grade 3 component to her tumor, I would definitely recommend radiation treatment. As my surgeon told me,”a grade 3 can act like a grade 2 or a grade 4.”. In terms of radiation side effects, most are short term. Of course, after surgery and radiation my short term memory isn’t quite what it used to be, ability to concentrate with a lot going on around me, etc. Most major impairments are caused by surgery not radiation. The only other concern would be another tumor down the road caused by this radiation treatment. In decades past, whole brain radiation treatment was a major cause of this. Current technology allows for exact areas to be treated, thus reducing the radiation exposure. As far as temador, most people I know deal with it well. Loss of appetite for a week or so, no nausea as long as you take a proper anti-nausea dose. As for myself, I’ll hit 5 years survivorship next month recurrence free. I get MRI’s every 4 months now, and yes still get a bit nervous each time. Any other questions don’t be a stranger. Dodger

RE: Hello,New member aa3

by Dodgerblue - January 13, 2018

I was diagnosed at 38, tumor was 5x6 cm in RT. parietal lobe.  Got to retire after diagnosis, just enjoying life now.


RE: Hello,New member aa3

by Dodgerblue - January 11, 2018


  It sounds like your case was similiar to mine.  I'm assuming your going to undergo radiation and 6-12 month of Chemotherapy?  That is standard treatment anyway.  Your prognosis should be quite good, despite whatever statisitics you may come across.  I'm 4 years out since DX and have been recurrence free thus far.  Not sure why your contrast in MRI didn't light up...  As far as IDH1 and mgmt methalyatation these are biomarkers that each tumor has or doesn't have.  They can indicate how effective chemo will be.  Any other questions feel free to ask, best of luck,


Long term survivorship statistics don't exist for brain cancer, never seen anything over 5 years, but these cases do exist.  I agree, statistics are basically useless as every case is different and no two people will have the same journey.  Best of luck,


Your parents were married for 50 years, while you may still be dealing with their separation and circumstances surrounding it, I think they should be allowed to come and say goodbye.


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I'm a 43 year old man, married, 3 sons, 21,16,15.
12/8/13- dx with brain tumor thought to be Grade 2 Astrocytoma.

1/8/14-Full resection of small chicken egg sized tumor from right parietal lobe @ John's Hopkins

1/23/14-Pathology results indicate Grade 3 astrocytoma. I'm negative for IDH1 protein, MGMT Unmethylated, and I do not have the 1p19p codeletion.

2/13/14-Imrt 5 field radiation 5 day/week and daily temador begin.

4/1/14-6 weeks of radiation and Temador finish.

4/24/14-first MRI in 105 days...ALL CLEAR!

4/28/14- first monthly cycle of Temador @ 320mg

6/1/14- half marathon 1:55:30

6/2/14- second monthly cycle of Temador @410 mg, which sucked!

6/24/14- Another clean MRI!

7/4/14- third monthly cycle of temador @400 mg, managed better this month than last.

8/2,3- PMC weekend! Rode hard for 145 miles before a violent tire blowout and crash, but no serious injuries to report. Raised over 7800$ for adult brain tumor research :)

8/8/14- finished 4th monthly cycle of Temador.

10/11/14-Hartford half marathon run in 1:50:37

10/12/14 - starting 6th and final cycle of Temador.

10/30/14 - another clear MRI, informed my original pathlogy report had false negative test for IDH1 muatation. I do have the mutation, which is a good thing.

11/5/15 - Another clear MRI, coming up on 2 years of survivorship!

3/16 MRI's continue to look good.

4/7/16 Start thru hike of appalachian trail!

7/12 After 1498 miles hiked, I've gotten what I needed from this adventure. I'm going home to heal up the body.

7/28/16-Clear MRI :)

11/8/16-Clear MRI

12/8/18- 5 years of survivorship!

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