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    Yes. She was a fiesty little woman who wouldn't put up with anything. She passed in 2011. Being a cancer survivor is ~90% mental. 

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      My Aunt Nona fought that for over forty years before she died. Good Luck! Most people don't make it past year one!

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        Actually, I knew all this. My grandmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer while I was visiting her in February 2018, and I was devestated. She's finished her chemo and is on the road to recovery! As it were Stage 3, her chances of survival weren't exactly high. I'm just glad that God is watching over her and I will get to see hair on her head again! ;-)

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            -First Name -Last Name -Age -Time in Years (if under, months) Since Diagnosis I collect this info for a monthly breast cancer awareness video. The deadline of the info is the last day of each month. The video comes out on the first day of the following month. Please consider contributing this information. YouTube URL-  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfaQoBiwLq5h_XjANJAzvXg

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