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Patient, Survivor
Renal Cell Cancer
Cancer Treatments, Spiritual Support

I am Rudy B. a Cancer fighter, retired from the Air Force two tours Vietnam and my cancer is connected to Agent Orange, been fighting Renal Cancer going on 12 years.

Married and have 3 children. Rt kidney removed 2002, Nodule removed left lung 2004, Nodule removed RT lung 2005, Cancer returned on Left lungs and that when my Oncologist suggested Nexavar, last CT scan showed no new Cancer and the two lesion on my left lung are gone. Yes Nexavar has side affects, but they can be controlled and your able to have good life and now after 7 months the effect are less.

( Up date ) Nexavar worked for 30 month and now on Torisel it worked for 12 months move on to Avastin and interferon worked 19 months now will be on Votrient wow!!!!!

Well the Votrient not working as well as my Oncologist would like, I will moving on to Inlyta just approved in January of 2012. Moving on to Sutent , Inlyta stop working after 14 months. Will start first cycle of Sutent on 26 March 2014 last of the Targeted Drugs, I’ve now gone thru them all. Sutent didn’t work and my largest lesion has double in size stop Sutent, now as of 2 July 2014 I am on Nexavar and Twenty six session of radiation what a trip but life is good so I fight. Now that how things have gone for me and I continue to be bless and keep a positive attitude giving all of what I can’t control to God and leaving it with him.
It's hasn’t been easy, take this from a man who been through a lot. But if you continue to fight you will live, so decide what you want and then fine a Oncologist who is up to date on Procedures and Treatments. Ask around, check and decide, manage your life. That all I can say, Hope and Pray that this helps.

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