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Daughter is one year post surgery for 2 oligodendroglioma.. ??Radiation and 4 months out of chemo And is experiencing major fatigue. She has tried to resume normal activities but is getting headaches, major fatigue. Feels weird sensations where she had surgery. Is it normal To be this tired? Her family thinks she should be back in the swing of things 100%.
Complete hysterectomy. No treatment for endometrial cancer. Now seeing light blood Don’t know if it’s from bladder, kidney. Having a lot of leakage. Bladder Kidney and rectal area are damaged from Radiation 10 years ago. Any thoughts?
Aloe with lidocaine helped me. Proctofoam only helped rectal spasms

Rectal pain

by Fleming - April 20, 2018

10 years After Radiation and chemo 5FU for rectal cancer, I am having Severe pain in the rectal area and hips. Bladder and kidney walls are Thickened from Radiation. Anyone with similar problems Or suggestions to manage pain.

Spot on lung

by Fleming - February 19, 2018

Do you feel like you aren’t getting as much oxygen
My 45 yr old daughter, Michele,!is wanting to talk to other People with oligodendrogliomas in the right frontal lobe about Issues they are having since surgery, radiation and Temodar.would appreciate hearing your comments
What is a good source for supplements
I didn't do well with first heavy dose. Very sick last night

Heavy dose of Temodar

by Fleming - June 15, 2017

Tonight I start heavy dose of Temodar for 5 days. What side effects are common?

RE: Optune

by Fleming - May 25, 2017

Did he file for disability? There is no way our daughter could return to work as sick as she has neen
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My daughter will have surgery in 2 weeks on right front lobe for Glioma Grade 2 Tumor. I am interested in hearing from anyone who can tell me what to expect, any recommendations for after surgery care, any special pillows that worked, just need to know what to expect. Thanks

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