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    My husband has stage 4 liver cancer with mets to spine.  His latest tumor marker, AFP, has increased from 600 to 1800 although he is feeling fine - he is taking Lenvima 12mg qd.  He recently had proton therapy to spine and I was wondering if that would cause an elevation of tumor marker as the cancer cells die (hopefully). In February, he had embolization of tumor in liver and 10 proton treatments to spine...

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      At Mayo, Jacksonville, FL, my husband had Y90 for 10cm tumor in liver which is now totally necrosed.  Just recently had embolization of small tumor growing into bile duct.  It wasn't chemo, maybe radio.  I highly recommend Mayo or wherever doing Y-90. Gail

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        Has anyone tried low dose Naltexone?  My husband has liver cancer metastized to spine and was on Lenvima which had to decrease to 4mg every other day because of side effects of dangerouly high blood pressure despite blood pressure medications.  His oncologist would not prescibe LDN but another doctor did.  Does anyone have any experience with this? Gail

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          My husband has Stage 4 Liver Cancer, mets to spine and is on Lenvima after failing immunotherapy (7 months). He's been on Lenvima for about three months and just started on blood pressure medication.  His cancer is stable.  I was wondering what other symptoms people are having.  He is fatigued but that can be related to several other problems.  He also has neuropathy but that was from the immunoth...

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