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    I did already post some issues about my husband and his GIST. Since he has Prostate cancer he has been able to get medical help for his GIST this far. I would, however, like to have information on how survivor benefits work if anyone can tell me. I've been told several things that are opposite. I am very sick and unable to work. Unfortunately my husband went through terrible PTSD!!! My kids and I did too! We all hav...

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      Hi! This is a reply to comment on GIST related to Soft Tissue Sarcoma. I have done many months of research to prove GIST is Soft Tissue Sarcoma. My husband is a Vietnam Vet. His job took him all over Vietnam. He was there during Tat also. VA keeps turning him down. This last time they claim that his type of GIST has the wrong type of cancer cell found in the path report. His first GIST was in 2002 outside of VA with ...

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