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    I had an upper & lower GI with biopsies, perfectly normal. Come back in 10 years. But because I had fatty stool, bowel incontinence, periodic pancreatitis & other delightful issues, Vanderbilt did a CT. They found a pancreatic lipoma, benign they said. The gastro prescribed enzymes, but I saw no benefit so stopped taking them. SO expensive! I have since started a raw vegan diet (occasional small amounts of...

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      Thanks to everyone who replied in public & private. I talked to my OB GYN who called the Breas Clinic & had the head of radiology talk to me and repeat my ultrasound. He agreed that a biopsy would be unnecessarily invasive, repeated the ultrasound & said I could come back in 3-6 months of another mammo. I'm going back in May, but in the meantime he says all indications are benign. I a, SO glad not to be forced ...

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        I have a benign tumor on my pancreas and as a result, I find that a very, very low fat diet is all I can tolerate. I have no doubt that a high fat diet an cause inflammation in the pancreas & that cancer can result from that.

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          I have dense breasts. On my last mammo, they saw a small "mass with benign features" on the mammo, confirmed by a repeat mammo. They said it's located "deep" but couldn't tell me more. The ultrasound showed nothing do the radiologist ordered a stereotactic biopsy. They assure me it's painless, but it sounds horrible. Right now, I'm more afraid of the procedure than the result. They are already preparing m...

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