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    Thank you so much Ronmor! We are currently seeking treatment at UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA one of the top hospitals in the country, also we have one of the top oncologist as well. My wife gets her port in place tomorrow (Friday) and then starts her first treatment on Tuesday. They want to shrink the tumors (colon tumor and liver tumor) before opting for any surgery. She will be getting chemo every other Tuesday for 6 mon...

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      My 35 year old wife was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer with it Metasized in her liver on 1/2/19. The tumor on her liver is 9cm long. The tumor in her colon is 2cm. Over the last week she has had some pretty bad lower back pain. Dr. is managing this pain with hyrdacodon and Tylenol. She has a PET scan today, final follow up with Dr Tuesday then a consult in Pittsburgh for treatment options. I was wondering if t...

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