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Wow! I know we're all different, but I'm so encouraged by your post and progress!  Thank you for the update, dubinsky!  Love and gratitude.  Here's to many more! 

RE: Clear cell cancer

by HappyWarrior1 - November 04 at 4:00 AM

Two years -- that's wonderful DaileyInk!  Thank you for replying and sharing.  Yes, scary indeed.  I was researching AGC-NOS between my pap results and the endo biopsy came back and poorly differentiated 50% clear cell variant was not the possibility I was hoping to hear.  I almost passed out reading it on MyChart that morning (before the doctor told me)..BUT...then I remembered that I'm not a statistic...I'm an individual and I believe God is in control of my days and I won't be shorted any of them.  I am going to keep putting one foot in front of the other -- hysterectomy next week -- and then whatever else I need to do afterward.  My CT and MRI were encouraging, so I'm praying for no surprises and containment to the uterus.  My oncologist said I might need radiation after.  I read radiation and chemo yield better results.  Then, I read not to use chemo so it remains an option later.  So much contradictory information and everyone's so unique.  My CA 125 at diagnosis was 32...20 last week, so I'm thinking possibly not that great of an indicator for me.  What was yours at diagnosis? 

Prayers for continued good health!  So happy for you!

It's been a while since the post, but it sounds so positive and I'm praying you are still enjoy good health and are NED.  Curious to hear any insights or suggestions.  Thanks in advance!

Recognizing it's been a while since this post, it sounds very optimistic and I'm curious how you're doing and if still NED?  I certainly pray that is the case and you are enjoying good health.  Love and prayers.

RE: Clear cell cancer

by HappyWarrior1 - November 04 at 2:38 AM

How are all of you doing?  I'm newly diagnosed and would love to hear from those of you who've been there or are also newly navigating this experience.

RE: Clear Cell and Chemotherapy

by HappyWarrior1 - November 04 at 2:21 AM

It's so wonderful to hear of someone doing so well!  I hope you are still enjoying the same good health.  Thanks for sharing your experience and any insight/advice is welcomed! 

RE: Endometrial Clear Cell Cancer

by HappyWarrior1 - November 04 at 2:18 AM

Hi, Roxyhawk.  How are you doing?  This board is a bit quiet and being newly diagnosed, I'd love to chat with others who have been through/are going through this endo w/ cc.  Hysterectomy is scheduled for next week and who knows what treatments will be necessary afterward.  Any others out there new to this whole life wrinkle? ;)

Prayers and love to all.

RE: Clear Cell Carcinoma

by HappyWarrior1 - November 04 at 2:12 AM

Hi, Birder.  Fellow mid-Michigander here.  My mom had Dr. Meunier...such a wonderful gyn/onc...too bad he's since left Sparrow.  I just got diagnosed and am preparing for my hysterectomy next week.  Curious what they'll recommend after.  How are you?  Hope you're well!  

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