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    I would be very glad to know where you are from. I am from Denmark. I live in Copenhagen. I would so much like to have a second opinion, and to hear about other options than only surgery. I don't believe that it will do me any good. The jaw surgeon said that it heals badly in the radiated area, but at the same time he said that the prognosis for healing after he has done surgery is good. That doesn't make sense to me...

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      I am an almost 17 years survivor. Cancer in my left mandibular salivary gland. Surgery and radiation (32) over 6 weeks in 2001. The radiation is my life's biggest regret! It almost killed me. And took several years of my life. Just as I thought I was recovering things started getting worse. Everything still gets worse. Now, about my teeth and jaw I am scared now. One and a half year ago I had two loose teeth extracte...

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