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    Hi Joelle, have you tried talking with the social work department there?  Not sure of your age, but wondering if there would be a Ronald McDonald House type option if you are under age 21?  I totally understand your situation.  I just had ROI yesterday and have small child and pet in home, have septic tank concerns and was doing a lot of googling trying to figure out what my alternative options were if...

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      Had partial and then total thyroid removal procedures.  The first my wound did not heal well (drainage tube was blocked and shifting) but the second surgery I ended up with the hard knot in the wound area.  It eventually went away and started using scar gel not long after my follow up MD visit.  Also had voice issues and vocal cord paralysis.  Underwent a procedure where I was injected with fillin...

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        Yes, had after my second surgery to totally remove thyroid.  Actually ended up in ER thinking I had blood clot as felt totally different than my first partial thyroidectomy.  Found out vocal cord dysfunction.  Could have been either caused by breathing tube or by being accidentially hit.  Ended up having procedure where vocal cord injected to enlarge it, only worked for month and shortness of brea...

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        Hello there, I was diagnosed with a large thyroid cyst early this year. Had the left side removed in March 2018, found papillary cancer and had the rest removed in May 2018. This surgery resulted in partial vocal cord paralysis and another procedure. Just was administered ROI this week. Mother of two children, one a graduating senior and an active six year old. Located in Fingerlakes Region of NYS.

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