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    Waldo1, Thank you so much for your response. I have sent her records, scans and all test to Atlanta cancer center, and Mayo Clinic, she is being treated at MUSC in Charleston SC. Dr Ruben was very honest and straightforward with us. He is starting her on chemo next week and if she responds well it will open up other available treatments. There is always Hope and I will never give up. She said she will fight this unti...

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      Hello, My beautiful wife of 25+ years was diagnosed with advanced statge 4 Bile Duct Cancer 2 weeks ago and i am lost, scard and I need advice. If anyone would please help me with some questions I have I would be greatful. History of my wife, she will be 49 june 18 and has never been admitted to the hospital since the birth of our child 19+ years ago. She is fit, does not drink, never smoked and has never had any ail...

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