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    Hi, My mom was started on Decadron 6mg twice daily for edema (she started just right before Thanksgiving). Last week I noticed her feet and ankles swelled up and the pfc prescribed 20mg 1x day of Furosemide. It helped a little bit but it's still swelling whenever she is not laying down. Anyway the wort part is the extreme dizziness. Is this normal for decadron? She is also on Keppra 750mg 2x day to prevent seizure...

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    My mom was diagnosed with Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma stage IV on Feb 3, 2011. She needed another biopsy for EGFR mutation or insurance company would not pay for Tarceva. Now they tell her she doesn't have BAC but Adenocarcinoma. I hope to get more information on what I can do to make her quality of life as best as I can.

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