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On Dec 14, 2010 6:09 PM lakegirl53 wrote:

Should we be asking for a physical therapy consult postop in order to decrease adhesions (scarring) in the throat/incision area?  What is everyone's experience?

I know my wife's scar was bigger and more noticeable that I originally thought it would be.  It almost looked like a keyloid scar (sp?).  I think the scar is around 5 1/2".   Once she started putting scar cream on it, it seemed to majorly help it go down in size and made it smoother.   If anything, a throat scope post-op may help explain a lot.

Thanks everyone for the great information.  My wife is complaining about the tightness in the throat/scar area.  I didn't even think that her airway could be narrower now.  The surgeon didn't mention any vocal chord damage and her voice is fine.  

She did go see her PCP and the PCP is sending her for a chest X-Ray today to see if there is any fluid buildup.  My guess is no.   If we find out an answer, I'll be sure to post it so others may benefit.

My wife, who just had her TT one month ago, gets short of breath every now and then.  It just started happening after TT.   She gets this just from walking or climbing stairs.  

Anyone else get this or know why it happens?

We got the results back from the MRI in her neck.   They didn't find anything indicating that the cancer had spread.

Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else has the same issue and is looking for hope.  

It's still strange it swelled up after the FNA biopsy.   It must have stirred up something.

My wife is currently going through all of this.  She's having Total Thyroidectomy on Nov 9th at the Cleveland Clinic.

Here are her symptoms and what led to discovery.

She doesn't go to doctors very often, and I told her she needed a physical, since she's 40 now.  She went for the physical and doc said her Thyroid was swollen and to go get an Ultrasound.  Ultrasound prompted FNA, where Thyca was found.   Her symptoms were:

1) Minor hair loss

2) Dry eyes

3) Weight gain, around 40lbs.  She was always skinny and athletic

4) Lack of energy



On Oct 28, 2010 7:20 PM HusbandOfThyca wrote:

My wifes lymph node on her neck under her ear swelled up after the FNA.   She was diagnosed with Thyca after the FNA, but thought it was weird that the lymph node swelled up so shortly after the FNA.

Anyone else experience this?

Also, it's been 4 weeks now since the FNA.

My wifes lymph node on her neck under her ear swelled up after the FNA.   She was diagnosed with Thyca after the FNA, but thought it was weird that the lymph node swelled up so shortly after the FNA.

Anyone else experience this?

Thanks to all who replied with the great advice and thoughts.  Here's an update....

After visiting the Cleveland Clinic doctor,Dr. Burkey, we've definitely decided to go with the Cleveland Clinic.   They were much, much more thorough doing pre-op and finding out all information possible prior to the surgery.   Dr. Burkey does a lot more Thyroid surgeries than the UH guy, and Cleveland Clinic has already setup all of the post-op appointments, endo consult, and has made us feel more comfortable.

Surgery is scheduled for a month from now.


My wife is meeting with 2 surgeons for her Thyroidectomy.   One from University Hospitals Cleveland and the other from the Cleveland Clinic.

She met with the guy today from University, and he says he only does one Thyroidectomy per week.   He says the reason he does this is because it is a difficult, mentally challenging surgery and he likes to be on top of his game when he does one.  He also says he stays at home the night before one of these surgeries and gets plenty of rest.  He also said he stays away from caffeine prior to the surgery.  He's 56 years old.

So, does anyone have any opinions as to whether you want a surgeon who does multiple thyroidectomies per week or just one?  




Thanks for posting.   That really explains a lot and is extremely helpful.   Especially, the mood swing part.

My wife will be going through a Thyroidectomy before year's end after ultrasound found multiple nodules and an FNA found that one nodule(1cm) was Papillary C and the other side having Hashimotos(also 1 cm).  

I'm making notes from everyone's posts in my blackberry so I can ask the right questions afterwards in recovery.




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