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    Sean, Check out current trials for Glioblastoma. Try to get into one either at Duke poliovirus study in North Carolina, or read Cheryl Broyles story she is on Facebook and I believe she is a patient at CA of Dr. Butkovsky (I cannot find correct spelling of Dr names now) she had survived for over 20 years with glioblastoma.

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      sorry to hear about your husbands diagnosis. I guess everyone is different, my mom was recovering well after brain surgery 11/06/2016 but on 12/05 she had a stroke and now paralyzed on her left side :( tolarated well chemo &radio therapy (12/12-01/03 only three weeks of combined therapy), but now became very fragile. Scheduled for another MRI on 01/24 link to the website wit...

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        Hi I just found about Ben A. Williams and his experience on surviving GBM on Drug cocktails it gave me a lot of hope to save my mothers life. Look into it, there is a free movie onlie and updates about recent trials and new drugs.

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