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    Hi, I am nearly 4 years from dx, I had stage3b non small cell squamous pancoast tumor, 2 lymph nodes no mestatasis,   had all treatment, cisplatin vinelborine and chestwall resection, I am just coming up in April for my 6 month oncology appointment and my oncologist says no ct scan just a chest x-ray,  it's 1 year now from my last ct scan and I'm just a bit worried to lose this safety net, can anyone tell ...

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      Hi Karen I had the same treatment as your husband in the spring of 2013, I had stage 3 non small cell lung cancer and was given just 11% chance of recovering, cisplatin is the very best that they can give you and there is no beating about the bush chemoradiotherapy is aggressive treatment, but they only give it if they think they can cure, the chemotherapy will take all day! so lots of reading, music, chatting to ot...

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        Hi there I'm so sorry to hear your news, I was diagnosed with exactly the same as you but in my right lung and 2 nodes in 2013, I was 53. I live in Wales and asked to be referred to Guys Hospital in London, the oncology team were second to none I had chemo, cisplatin and vinorelbin, 4 three week cycles with 25 rads in the middle, surgery was not decided until treatment was finished, I had the surgery in Guys, A lobe...

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          Hi Have just seen this post and feel I have to reply even though it is old as we could find such little help when I was diagnosed in January 2013. On diagnosis I was T4 M0 N1 I had been frequently visiting my doctor for a year with severe shoulder pain and sore skin on the underside of my arm, eventually I was referred for a chest x ray which showed a shadow in the top of my right lung and then a ct scan which show...

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