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RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by JohnnyP - Yesterday at 11:19 AM

I took Shirley for her monthly blood test today.  After we were through, I said let's go check out Advanced Hyperbarics.  I'd mentioned HBOT to her a few times, and had her watch the presentation on youtube by Dr. D'Agastino, so she was up for it.  Or down with it.  Same thing.  :)


They have two huge chambers, built into what was at one time a private residence.  See website for photos.  advancedhyperbarics.com

It's only 15 minutes from home, and very reasonbly priced.  $1k for ten 60 minute sessions at 2.5 atmosperes of 100% oxygen.

We were very impressed.  Shirley said "I can do this."  I was afraid she would think this is too far out in left field.

I also contacted In Home Support Services, but they said it takes three to four MONTHS to get approved.  And, they want to put you on hold for an hour, so I said NO, we'll come in to your office and apply in person.

So, until we get that going, we'll have to dip into our meager savings to start HBOT.  To conserve funds, we'll probably wait 1-2 months before starting it.


I'm looking into high dose IV vitamin C.  Here is a thread about it, with a link to a European source:


If I read their ad correctly, it's very expensive.  $100 per bottle, and you might need 7-10 bottles per use.

There must be a DIY recipe out there.

Also, would you ask Daniel if this can be administered by enema, rather than IV?  That would remove one of the legal gotcha's.  I think.

RE: high dose Vitamine C ?

by JohnnyP - Monday at 7:50 PM

Thank you.

RE: high dose Vitamine C ?

by JohnnyP - Monday at 6:18 PM

Alice:  Thanks very much for the pharma link.

In an earlier post, you gave a youtube link but it doesn't work:

youtube.com /edit?o=U&video_id=4o__3BXIYMM

Can you check that and provide the correct link?

One more thing, can you check to see if it would be possible to administer HDVC by enema?  That would be less scary than dealing with needles, etc.


Start at 2:00:00 if you don't have the time to listen to it all.


A Dr. Peter Attia podcast with Dr. Seyfried, from last November.  Nearly three hours long:


Will have to listen later in the wee hours when there are no distractions.


Author information
1a Department of Medical Oncology , School of Medicine, Altinbas University , Istanbul , Turkey.2b ChemoThermia Oncology Center , Istanbul , Turkey.

In case anyone has not seen it, a case study from Dr. Slocum's clinic in Istanbul of stage 4 breast cancer treatment:


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