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No, I haven't tried to contact Dr. Ko.

I'm waiting to hear back from my pen pal who is using syrosingopine/metformin.  His next PET scan is the end of the month.

On Aug 07, 2019 10:09 PM Lauras777 wrote:

I actually spoke to Dr. Ko on the phone. I think it was too far along at that point. We did go to Germany for stem cell and although it didn't work on my hsband I know of 3 others who are doing fine.

Did Dr. Ko have anything to say about progress on 3BP?

Is the delay due to the lawsuit, or technical issues?

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by JohnnyP - August 08 at 11:45 PM

I have been emailing back and forth with a guy on another forum that is using metformin in combination with syro.

The combination was recently patented.  A comment from my pen pal about this:

Prof Dr Dom Benjamin in switzerland who discovered syro works with metformin was paid by a pharmisutical Co to discover a drug to go with metformin. when the only one turned out to be syro they shelved it. no profit in it both metformin and syro have patents that have run out.  any body can make it..  The whole cancer industry is controle by big Pharma and money as you have discovered
wish you the best

Thank you so much.  I'm sorry you lost your husband.

Whatever happened to 3BP?  It would be nice to get an update from Dr. Ko.

I've been looking into metformin in combination with syrosingopine, an old blood pressure drug.  I posted about it earlier.

The combination was recently patented, but I've heard the drug company is not interested in marketing it, since both drugs are off patent.

The syro is available from China but you have to spend $1500 for one gram.  It works out to about $12 a day for a 125 day supply.

Good news, Shirley's CA15-3 cancer marker only went up two points this month, to 89, high normal is 25.  And, she put on two pounds.

I've been giving her a tablespoon of fish oil every six hours, when she takes her pain med.

We met with her oncologist's PA yesterday.  I asked her about getting a prescription for dipyridamole.  When she asked what it was for, I told her it's a blood thinner to prevent platelets from trapping cancer stem cells in the capillaries.  She said the oncologist will not prescribe it because "it's not indicated" as a cancer treatment by the FDA.

I told her with the FDA approved treatment most patients die in two-three years.  She said yes, most die in two or three years but if you take this drug you might die sooner.

I said that risk should be up to us.

She said she understands how I feel, as she was the same way when her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He is still living after six years of standard treatment, though she added she is giving him Resveratrol.


I was clicking around on Daniel's site and found a page on a possible treatment for cachexia using Dr. Gold's hydrazine.

I had heard of it before but didn't get into it.  Is anyone using it with success?

Daniel has a lot of links to explore on about it on this page (scroll down to just below his 27.06.2019 update and start reading about hyrazine):


From the study:

"We performed a multiinstitutional Phase II cooperative group study of concentrated fish oil capsules that were obtained from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In this study, a 70 kg patient was to receive 4.7 g EPA and 2.8 g DHA (as part of a total of 8.5 g omega-3 fatty acids) per day for > 1 month. We found that if a large dose of omega-3 fish oil fatty acid capsules was tolerable as a dietary supplement, then patients with cancer cachexia could experienced weight stabilization or weight gain."

I'm also adding three tablespoons fish oil to her high fat protein shake I have been making.

New recipe is 4 tablespoons MCT oil, 3 tablespoons fish oil, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 4 tablespoons heavy cream, 2oz cream cheese, 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa, 1 large scoop Simply Green chocolate protein power, 1 cup water, 1 cup ice.

Mix the protein powder and water first, then mix the cocoa and MCT oil in a separate bowl, then put everything into the blender.  Drink throughout the day, as that much MCT and fish oil taken too quickly can cause diarrhea.  Don't ask.  :)


Thanks you.

She had a muscle spasm under her right shoulder blade.  We did ice packs for a few days, then finally saw the doctor and got a muscle relaxer.  She is finally getting some rest.  I think she will be off it in another day or so.

About the weight loss, yes, keto is one factor, loss of appetite from the cancer is another.  I am pretty sure she is in cachexia, where the cancer takes over and tells the body to break down protein as well as fat.

In starvation or long term fasting, the body is smart enough to preserve protein, using mostly fat.

I found an article on a possible treatment, using fish oil.  In this study, they were taking eleven capsules twice a day:

Phase II study of high-dose fish oil capsules for patients with cancer-related cachexia†

I found fish oil in a liquid form on amazon and ordered a quart bottle.  The fish taste/smell has been filtered out, and orange flavor added.  It's very good.  She has been taking three tablespoons a day, yielding about 10 grams of omega 3.

And, I found a new drug that can add lean muscle, but don't know if it's on the market yet:

Appetite and food intake results from phase I studies of anamorelin:

We see the oncologist again next week, so I will ask about anamorelin, and try again to get dypridamole and mebendazole.


Shirley had a severe muscle spasm last Friday, so we saw her PCP today to get a muscle relaxer.  She noticed Shirley is taking Lovastin, and told us statins can cause that.  So, Shirley nixed anymore Lovastin.  Was only on it for a week.

And, she is losing weight again, down to 135.  Getting scared.

Daniel posted about statins (such as Lovastatin) on his forum yesterday:


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