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Shirley entering the HBOT chamber last week.  I goofed and started the video in portrait mode, so everything is sideways.


Looking pretty good for 78 with terminal cancer.  :)

Her 20th session will be next Monday, then we'll get a blood test to see if the CA15-3 marker has improved, then a PET scan in a few months.

Nevertheless, we will be signing up for 20 more sessions right away, this time for 90 minutes.  That's 120 minutes total time in the chamber.  advancedhyperbarics.com .

Dr. Cantley says the tumors are still there, visible on CT scan,  but no longer visible on PET, so their glucose uptake has been drastically cut.  He says the patient survived another 18 months.  He did not comment on her diet.

I followed up on a lead dropped by Dr. D'Agastino.  He mentioned Dr. Lewis Cantley, so I did a search of him at the same conference and found his talk on PI3K inhibitors:



See PET scan at 16:25 and graph at 36:51.  Note that patient must not be on insulin and must be on a ketogenic diet to keep insulin low.


Darn, looks like I missed out on the videos.  $30 to view now.  It's for a good cause, so I will probably spring for it later this week.


I was watching another D'Agostino video yesterday.  It's pretty long, and he runs out  of time at the end when he gets to the cancer portion of his talk, but he does mention keto and HBOT, IV C, 3BP, 2DG, DCA, etc.  I have it cued up:


He says vitamin C doesn't work by itself, "but it is promoted".  He does on to say it works with other modalities.

At another point in the video he mentions patents, so I did a patent search on his name and found this title:

"Targeting Cancer with Metabolic Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen"

I haven't read it yet, and I don't know if it has issued.



Shirley went for a blood draw just before her first HBOT session.  Her WBC count is still low at 3.0, but better than it has been at 2.7.  Her cancer antigen CA15-3 continues to climb, now at 71, an increase of 5 points in two weeks, compared to a 12 point jump in the previous two week period.

Cancer is relentless, growing 24 hours a day, while the HBOT is just three hours per week.  We'll get another test in a week to see what if anything two weeks of HBOT + Keto are doing.

Yes, it's time to look into the de-wormer and some off label drugs described by Jane McClelland.  I'm waiting on her book to arrive.

Unless they have a package deal, HBOT for me would be another $100.  Better to save it for Shirley's care.


Thank you for your thoughtful (as always) reply.

Shirley had her first HBOT on Monday.  One hour at 3.0 (!) atmospheres.  They let me go in the chamber with her.  She gets 100% oxygen from a face mask while I breath normal air.

We are scheduled for three times a week, twenty sessions to start with.  We'll keep an eye on her blood work to see if it helps her white blood count and CA15-3 cancer marker.

She said she feels better already and is looking forward to it.


I don't usually watch the "chisbeatcancer" channel, but I clicked on it the other day to see what his guest Jane McClelland was about:


It turns out she is really smart and has REALLY done her homework, searching for old drugs to repurpose for cancer, along with supplements.  She has an English accent and is a little hard to understand, but worth it.

I have her self published book on order and plan to buy one for the doctor that wrote Shirley's HBOT prescription.  I can tell he is receptive to alternate treatments.  I showed him the video of Dr. Agastino talking about HBOT and he almost couldn't stop watching it.

Jane mentions the Care Oncology Clinic in Harley Street that is using off label drugs to treat cancer.  That sounded familiar, so I looked it up and they have a branch in Rapid City, SD.  Travis Christofferson is somehow involved.

You can schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with them.  If you decide you want to proceed, you send them all your medical records and pay $800 for a consultation by video conference.  They will then tailor a four drug cocktail for you and send it to you every month, cost is $60 per month.  Every three months you pay $295 for a follow up consultation.

I was ready to sign Shirley up but she didn't like their plan, and is content with HBOT, which she starts on Monday.

I keep telling her you can't rely on just one thing, you have to add layer on top of layer of little things that eat around the edges until you finally start winning.  But, she won't listen.

There was a story on a news site where I spend a lot of time, about a guy that cured his lung cancer using an over the counter worm medicine for dogs.  The active ingredient is fenbendazole.  It's on Free Republic:


I see that Daniel was onto this last year.  I follwed his links and found a story about a college professor in San Diego that used repurposed drugs to cure his brain cancer.  Here's a movie about it:


Shirley went in for her monthly follow up visit.  Actuall, it's only been two weeks, because they wanted blood work prior to taking Verzenio.

Bad news.  Her CA15-3 jumped 12 points in two weeks, now at 66.7, high normal is 25.

Still, she's feeling and looking very good.

We saw a new guy, a physician's asistant.  He asked why Shirley wasn't taking the Verzenio provided, she said it was too costly, many horrible side effects, and doesn't kill cancer.

I told him we are looking into alternatives, such as HBOT.  I said I am also looking into high dose IV vitamin C, and that I want to lean how to administer it myself at home.

I thought I had struck gold, when he said his last job all he did was IV's.  But, he advised me not to do it, though he couldn't really give me a good answer.

I said "You know Mabel out there in the infusion room?  If SHE can do it, I can learn how to do it."  By now Shirley was saying "You're not putting a needle into me.  I'll do the oxygen chamber but this is too far out."  So, high dose Viamin C is on hold for now.

His boss the oncologist stuck her head in the door, and asked what we wanted to do.  I lied and said "Prayer and fasting."  She smiled and left.

Advanced Hperbarics referred us to a doctor that will prescribe HBOT for Shirley.  We see him this Monday, then we intend to start HBOT right away.

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