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    Hello  I just wanted to thank you for your service and I hope that you get the treatment that you need. I hope that you have more time than your prognosis is giving you. I wish you good times and memories with your families. 

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      I went through hard days when my mum was sick, they were detoxing her off of all her medications and she took it out on me. I was called many horrible names that day in front of her doctor no less and the things she said to him were awful. I was mortified. I remember standing in the parking lot crying talking to my boyfriend on the phone. This wasn't the last time that this would happen. The best advice I can give is...

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        At least his family cares, my Mum has esophageal cancer has gone through surgeries, and my sisters do nothing to support her. That makes me so angry she gave up everything to raise her kids and now when she needs them they are no where to be found. One has told us via text that she has 2 jobs and a life ie a guy she met while on vacation to Mexico, the other one works to drink. But I totally see where you are coming...

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          Looking for food options and ideas, my mum is only two months post surgery, and has kind of had to do things backwards, she had to have surgery first and will have to most likely have chemotherapy once she has recovered from the surgeries. After the esophageal surgery while in the hospital she go a bacterial infection that was sitting in a narrowed valve in her heart, so less than two weeks after the first surgery sh...

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