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    Good morning, Aside from the attempt at pleasantries, it is not really a good day. I found a lump on my tonsil last night, after experiencing on and off again pain for the past six months in my right sinus, right side of my neck. I was treated for sinus infection late Sept 2018, which had progressed into my lungs. I had crackling and the doctor prescribed antibiotics. The meds seemed to work well, but the sinu...

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      Good morning, Sorry to hear of your struggle. I hope to read more you how your diagnosis, and prognosis is developed. This sounds very similar to my story. I was treated in late Sept for sinus infection which affected my lungs. The antibiotics cleared everything but pain started soon after medication was used up. At approx 40 yrs of age, I was diagnosed with a sinus polyp, which the specialist left. I didn't think...

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